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Electronic dog training

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Does anyone have any suggestions on good training collars for my 2 beagles. I have looked at some tri-tronics and innotek but am not sure which models would best suit smaller dogs.
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In my book, the top three e-collar brands (in order) are:

1.) Tri Tronics
2.) Tri Tronics
3.) Tri Tronics

And for honorable mention - Tri Tronics ;) :biggrin:

I have brittanies and I have a collar on my dog almost continuosly when they're outside - Not because I'm going to shock'em at any time, but so they get used to it and it becomes second nature. The only exception are field trials where its illegal to have an e-collar. That means lots of abuse. My first collar was an Innotek (Cabela's brand, but made by Innotek). It was junk in 3 1/2 months. Terrible customer service too.

I then purchased a Tri Tronics Sport 60 and its been going strong for 2 years now. I have the 2 collar - one remote setup. I had one collar go out late last year. I sent everything into the factory and had my replacement in a week at not cost to me except shipping -- great customer service and good quality. I also have a tri-tronics beeper that's been dunked a few times and it's still tickin'.

I've heard that Dogtra is also good, but I have no motivation to switch from TT.

Most of the houndsmen up here in Michigan swear by Tri Tronics and won't touch anything else. Check out the sister site ( Go to the same forum and search for e-collar and you'll get lots of good opinions.

TT's are a bit more expensive than Innotek, but check ebay, I've heard of some e-collars being picked up there for a good price. You may also try collar clinic ( They're in Traverse City, Michigan and sell reconditioned collars that'll save you a few bucks.

I bought mine at the Indianapolis Boat, Sport, and Travel show a couple years ago. The guys that put on the Big Air competition also sell TT collars for VERY cheap. I saved $$$$ on mine by buying from them.
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I've had great success with my SportDog ProHunter 2400. It has a tone option that the collar receives that I use instead of a whistle (best move I ever made with collars in the fact that I can use that tone when hunting with other friends with dogs that use whistles - my dogs just smoke on by and do not get confused + Plus the fact that I do not have to alert the whole field, or woods, as to my presence).

The ProHunter 2400 says it will reach 1 1/2 miles - but the rep said it will go to almost 2 miles (terrain based ofcourse).

The only disadvantage is it is only one collar - I believe it's the 1200 model that has a 2-dog expandable option and it says it's effective to about 3/4 mile, but the rep says it will go to 1 to 1 1/4 miles (terrain based). - They have to give the "guaranteed range" on the box.

My dogs have dunked the collars and I have beat the remotes intensly - and without fail both of them respond on a dime. But best of all the $$$$ are almost non-existant compared to most brand names.

Just be careful of the collar systems where the receiver (what the dog wears) is not constantly looking for the remote (what you use) - the battery life is horrible as it does not last long. Make sure you get a system where you can turn OFF the receiver. I know of fellow hunters that paid a lot of money for a system that goes dead in a couple hours of hunting because their system drained due to the collar always looking for the receiver when it was in the den at their house.
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my 2 cents

I myself am a big Innotek fan. I know that collars are like cars and everyone has there own favorite, but I have nothing but good things to say about Innotek. Innotek is also an Indiana company, Garrett, Indiana to be exact near Ft. Wayne.
I have had only a few minor problems and own the underground fence from them along with 3 training collars their customer support has been great. They also have many different models to suit your needs.
Had the "I" collar, just trouble.
Go Tritronics all the way. After 5 years with the T, I need new rechargable batteries b4 next season. No other issues, other than I lost a transmitter antenna, but later found it so I have a spare.
Thanks for all of your help

The boat,sport, and travel show is next week sound like I have another reason to go.
Well the "I" collar has been a problem for me, changed to Tritronics and never looked back.
Beagler Pro

I called the collar clinic and ordered a TT beagler pro. I like it so far. Thanks for everyone's input.
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