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Eliminating Body Odor

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Curious if anyone else has a pre-season preventative body odor control regiment?

At the start of every august i begin by showering with scent-a-way shampoo/body soap and wear scent free deodorant until the end of season. No cologne, tag, etc in the truck until the end of season. Try to stay ahead of the b.o. Besides scent free clothing, being careful, etc. Thats the thought anyhow, seems to be working pretty well. Been a long time since i have been picked off.
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sounds like you are a step ahead of most folks in scent control. I bag up my clothes i plan to hunt in after washing them in scent free soap and scented dryer sheets. I use the soap and deodorant. I use the spray...

but then again my buddy and I went hunting.. he shot a deer and i didn't... They were in their stand smoking and everything soo......... I'd say an old buck would be more cautious but who knows if it is worth it or not.
No pre-season tactics, but once season starts I use the s.k. soaps & spray.
I'm right in the middle. I don't really believe all the hype in terms of being scent free, but I also believe it can't hurt any. I don't use my Old Spice hair and body wash on mornings I hunt, just regular shampoo and Irish Spring. But I keep my hunting clothes in their own cabinet with scent waffers attached to them.

Some of my friends are total scent freaks, other's smell like stale cigarettes from 2 weeks ago. We all kill deer.
I dont even worry about the whole scent issue but it sounds like you are on top of it adn if you do all that im sure they aint gonna pick ya off very easily!
i hunt with 3 other guys on two farms totaling about 400 acres. We hunt smart and have done well over the past 7 or 8 years taking mature bucks, but it seems like to you have to take every precaution to have 4 guys on 400 acres and not push the older bucks away or drive them to running nocturnal. LOL ...Not taking any chances with the scent that i can control.
Not taking any chances with the scent that i can control.
Proper hygience is key maybe it's just as simple that
i start eating a box of baking soda aa week in aug. and up it to 2 boxes a week before season. farts dont even stink😁
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