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Engineering Marvel...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by jstalljon, May 25, 2007.

  1. As some of you know...I am a design engineer for an RV company.

    Well, I think have finally revolutionized towing RV's as we know it. Ever since the dawn of RV's, the conventional fifth wheel HAD to be pulled with a truck.

    Gentleman...after countless hours of research and development, I have designed a tow package system that will work on ANY vehicle with a tailgate.





    Just look at some of the feature benefits :

    * Reinforced tailgate chains WITH “S” hooks! (Links look to be rated at 80lbs MAX)!

    * 1x4 “spreader” plate below tailgate to distribute pin box load and force.

    * The 4x4 bearing block with turned dowel in conjunction with the actual hitch is an absolute stroke of engineering genius!

    The only thing left is to sit back and let the cash roll in. Back off Derek...I'm getting a patent on this baby!
  2. In the words of the Guinness guys....BRILLIANT!!!

  3. that "S" hook is struggling like a strap on rosie o'donnell high heels...
    its just hanging on for dear life

    i love it...can you adapt that to fit in a car for me stallion?? i want to pull a 5th wheel with the impala
  4. And to think that picture was taken AFTER he arrived there. :cwm27:
  5. Hey you still need a PE to stamp that design buddy. I'd be proud to put my ink on that one. I'm a whore, I'll stamp any engineering marvel for the right amount of cash.:biggrin:

    You can have that patent process. I've got one that has been in for over a year right now and still hasn't been approved.:banghead3
  6. Genius. It's a cash cow, Jon!
  7. I thought P.E. stood for P-rostitutionalized E-ngineer ?:evilsmile

    Or maybe it was P-imped....
  8. uh oh...
    stand back folks
    its going to get ugly in here :help:

    two engineers are going to battle :hide:

    GEEK FIGHTS!!! :evil:
  9. For some reason, i just keep seeing revenge of the nerds over and over in my head...haha
  10. Laugh it up smart azz. Bring the geekness on. Some of us have the word "Engineer" in our degree ... some don't ... that's all I'm saying.

    Just because you have the ultimate geek computer system and can run AutoCAD, doesn't mean you don't need us real engineers.:evil:

    Another Wannabe ... :evilsmile
  11. "that will never work, the shmigen is at too sharp of an angle to the crustix, you are gonna have so much PSI on the persmudgen that the whole cathiseron will just implode..."

  12. do I hear what I think I hear??


  13. Hey Jon, let's see those CAD drawings on that 5th wheel design. Sketch those out on a cocktail napkin?:evilsmile