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Escaped cougar on the loose

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by sam, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Escaped cougar still at large
    CENTER POINT — A cougar scaled a 14-foot fence to escape a western Indiana preserve and remained at large Sunday, apparently leaving behind the remains of two raccoons it had killed, a conservation officer said Sunday.

    The 8- or 9-year-old wildcat, which is tan in color and weighs about 80 pounds, escaped the Exotic Feline Rescue Center on Friday and eluded a tracker over the weekend, Max Winchell of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said Sunday.

    The cat may pose a threat to any persons that approach it because, although having been born in the wild, it has been in captivity and may not fear humans, Winchell said.

    Law enforcement officials asked the public not to go to the area and attempt to view or locate the animal, Winchell said.

    “It’s very elusive,” Winchell said.

    The wildcat was believed to still be on the grounds of the preserve, which sprawls across more than 100 acres and holds nearly 200 exotic cats under a permit from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It’s located about 50 miles west of Indianapolis.

    A retired USDA employee, Bryce Finny of Indianapolis, was trying to track and tranquilize the cougar, Winchell said.

    The USDA, while not responsible for the recapture of the cougar, may send additional personnel this week, Winchell said.

    While it’s illegal to kill protected exotic animals, people have the right to protect themselves and their property if they feel threatened, Winchell said.

    State conservation officers have received numerous reports of sightings of exotic cats over the past two months in Clay, Vigo and Putnam counties, although there have been no other reports of escapes, Winchell said.

    “This is the first one,” he said.
  2. Read that in a Bloomington newspaper this morning.

  3. I'll take him out for them. That is if I get the chance. I can see a cougar mount in my basement as part of the future.
  4. Just seeing a mountain lion track makes me shudder. To think of what they could do to you! Found quite a few tracks in Utah on a Green River canoe trip, SCARY big. :hide: I hope the cat doesn't start taking out pets and livestock.
  5. heard on the news at lunch this cat was born and matured in the wild. means it's gonna be that much more savy.
  6. A couple years ago while turkey hunting in the Everglades, I came around the bend in a sand lane and was face to face at about 30 yards to a Florida panther (same as a mountain lion). Not much bothers me in the animal world, but that encounter about made me soil my shorts. :yikes: A very intimidating animal to say the least. Fortunately, my encounter ended in the cat slipping off into the cypress swamp. But it had me shaking for sure. I went back later that day and made a set of plaster casts from his prints in the road. I have them in my trophy room at the house as a reminder of what I'll probably never see again.

    Hope someone catches or bags that one on the loose.
  7. anyone in that area may want to hold off on predator calling...might get a surprise when calling a yote...her kitty kitty:yikes:
  8. Don't tell Dean, but I packed the treads on his sneakers with little friskies.
  9. Dean probably already does that........thinks it will help him get get some you know what. :bouncy:
  10. :evilsmile :cwm27: :yeahthat: :hide: