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Escellent day! Awesome Fellowship!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Today jstalljon, DEC, cjones46 and I hooked ups and had a few beers for my Birthday!! FANTASTIC guys! I'm proud to say I know these guys! Had alot of laughs! We RAIDED jstalljon's kegerator! ;)
    Can't wait to do it again. Will have a pic up soon...well as soon as cjones46 gets it uploaded LOL!!!

    Git R Done
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  2. Happy B-day Fuzzy................

  3. Happy B-day! Wish I could have helped with the
  4. Happy B-day...... Another march
    Mine is on the 24th!
  5. Mine was Wednesday! Happy Birthday to the both of you.
  6. Mine is the 27th...and based on how these guys drank yesterday, I won't have much of a keg left for my festivities!

    Definitely a great time yesterday guys! And Fuzzy left out a critical part of the story! He surprised all of us with Officially Licensed Custom made Gobble Getter Game Calls! Fuzzy my are a TRUE craftsman.

    We'll have to do it again, but this time I may have to charge a fee at the door! ;) LOL
  7. DARN YOU jstalljon! I got a headache today! ;)

  8. Yep. Happy birthday, Fuzzy. Wish I could have made it over there. Couple of Advil and some Coke,'ll be alright.
  9. Or do what I'm doing Fuzz....just poured a fresh one in a lime green iced mug!

    Right back on the horse buddy....
  10. Happy B-day to you too Flintlocker.
  11. Fuzz Happy Brithday, I would be careful hanging around Dec. Just Kidding Dec HA!HA!HA!
  12. It was a good time for sure.

    Hey Stallion ... did you find that St. Patty's Day hat? I made that basket from Down Town Baby! Tourney style!:biggrin:

    Fuzzy is an artist and a hell of a

    I tried to set Jones up with a bartender who was supposedly "an old girlfriend of his" ... that went well.:cwm27:

    And the Stallion ... well you guys have got to hang with this guy. He prides him self in surrounding himself in hot chicks. The guy is a chick magnet.:bowdown:

    It was all I could do to keep these three in line. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.:coolgleam