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ethical or not!!.... concerning OBR

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by scrapewatcher, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. your gearing up for bow season gun or bow doesn't matter which one or both. all the signs are there. BIG BOY is somewhere near. your full of anticipation. going to bed and waking up thinking about it. you want him..... BAD. you have 1 buck tag and a lot of season left. you hear grunting or see movement. your thinking it's the big 12 pt. your heart races your up and ready BUT.... it's not the big 12 it's a spike or a basket rack he's badly wounded you can see he's struggleing but not dying just suffering. my question is it ethical to let him struggle on or do you end your buck season and end his suffering? BE HONEST !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Easy!!!

    KABOOMM!!!!!!!!!, or THWIP!!!!!!

  3. I would take the suffering animal. he will taste better than his grandpa anyways.
  4. I say take him down and buy another buck tag in your wifes name to tag it with.
  5. what...thats not ethical?
  6. I guess I have different veiw on this.........Wounds, suffering, cuts, gored, smacked by a car/truck, hit by a mower as a fawn, frost-bite etc. I could go on and on.........I hate to say it but pain, suffering, the circle of life is part of what we see in the woods.......wounds are daily of some sorts in the wild.

    If that buck your describing is not mortally wounded......and you take've just sealed his fate......nothing wrong with that. If he is mortally wounded and you do not take him, I guarantee you that buck is not going to waste.......nothing wrong with that either. Plenty of other critters in the woods relying on the "circle of life" to happen that they will "dine on" and enhances their survival rate.

    Obligated to shoot that wounded buck........not sure if the word "obligated" fits........I do know that there is no wrong choice here.......that buck is not going to go to waste either way.
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  7. tough one

    Party hunting is illegal in Indiana (although widely practiced). The ethical thing to do is finish it off and plead your case with a game warden or CO. I probably would let it walk, sad to say. I'm 99% sure a CO or game warden would make you tag it.

  8. Ummmm...........I am 100% sure a CO would make you tag it.
  9. I wish all c.o.'s were as nice as the one I talked to in Brown county this year. He was all about the hunter, he knows we are the reason he gets a check each week.

    Alot of warden and c.o's have bad cases of what I call "little man syndrome"

    They try to "puff up" when in a crowd and make it clear that they are the boss.
  10. well put. i've struggled with this thought myself.
  11. Well put DEW..........BO......I know what you mean when you say CO's with little man syndrome. You think its bad hear?????????? Try Illinois specifically the west about CO's acting like king turd....I almost went ahead and busted one in the mouth one time but then thought about the consequencies.. Some of them definately like to hide behind their badge and act tough. Like you said not all of them are that way....
  12. Tough call, and a decision I would probably have to make at that time based on what I saw.
  13. It's a tough one to think about. Two years ago I shot a buck on Dec. 17 that had no antlers (already dropped them). He had a badly broken leg and had to get down on his chest to eat in the cut cornfield. It was miserable to watch. I could see the animal was suffering badly, so I put it down. Of course, I didn't have to tag it with a buck tag, but I think I would have shot it, even if I had to use my buck was awful, fellas.
  14. There is no doubt as to what needs to be done there in that situation. There is a high level of remorse, and pitty that goes into making the game time decision. Unfortunately we have all been faced with such decisions as to what to do. I remember seeing a small 8 with half of the skin on the right side of his face was torn to pieces and hanging on by a thread off the end of his chin. Kaboom. No second thoughts. If you can look at a deer and know in your gut and your heart that what you are seeing isnt right, then you have made the decision, now suck up the 24 dollars and start hunting does..... You will be rewarded in the long run through the pride and peace of mind knowing you made an ethical decision. Its how you feel in your heart and gut when you see an animal that looks wounded, that inevitably makes the decision for you..