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European Mount

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by lilkrou, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Any pointers on a European mount for a buck?

  2. I heard that u can bury the head and let all of the worms and beetles do the work......what ever u do DONOT use bleach. use peroxide to whiten the skull.
  3. I Boiled mine in a big pot for "Many" hours. Then i pulled all the meat off.
    After its all off the skull let it dry, then take cotton balls and dab it w/ hydrogen peroxide, keeping it off the antlers.


    Its also called a "Texas Mount".......I hope this is what you were looking for!

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  4. Oh by the way...... Be careful some of the teeth and small bones fall off.
    I just Super glued them back in place.......I also did a Cayote Skull!

  5. I'll post some pics later, but I've buried the last 3 bucks I 've shot from March until July. Leave their antlers stick out and put a garbage can over it to keep the squirrels and mice from nibbling on the rack. Pull it out, wash him off with a hose and then soak the skull only in 25% bleach water for 24 hours...... the skull will come out white and the critters that did your work for ya will be in the bucket! Do not get any on the antlers as it will discolor them and weaken the socket. Peroxide works well if you've never done it before.
  6. do a little research on google or yahoo. They can give you excellent advise. Its super easy and youll like the results in the end. Just dont let the antlers sit in the sun or in peroxide or bleach. You want the antlers to be a contrast to the skull thats what makes them so neat.
  7. cabela's has a european mount kit with everything you need in their xmas catalouge but i think it's a little pricey about $60. if you do it yourself the hardest part is getting all the gunk off it. it's a little work but you can take pride in knowing you did it yourself.
  8. Thanks guys! Last night I skinned out the head, buried it up to the antlers and covered it with a galvanized can. I reckon that about the time I will have to mow again might be enough time for the critters to do their thing.
    Question, I was told that I will still have to boil it after I get it out of the ground...does anyone know one way or the other?
  9. if you can drill a 1/4" hole in the base of the brain cavity in the back where the neck joined to let the bugs in to eat at it. if you do boil it afterwards mix some powdered laundery detergent with it to help clean it. wrap the horns about six to 8 inches from the base then pull it and scrub the scull with a good stiff plastic brush and then wash it with clean water then boil it a little more and then scrub it again. if you use bleach do not use it stronger than 50 50. don't soak it use a paint brush and just brush it on. don't mix bleach and piroxide together. alternate the treatments. let it dry in the sun after each treatment then do it again. it will get a little whiter every time you do this. no use being in a hurry. after a couple of treatments i wouldn't use any more bleach. too much of it can be destructive to what your trying do. the piroxide will have no ill effects on it.
  10. Use an old weathered board and it will give it a nice rustic look to it. Someone i know did this and it looks great. I will try to get some pics if possible
  11. Pics would be great!