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Ever had any luck with plums?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by anon782010, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. The hunting grounds are getting a makeover this winter/spring/summer, and I was curious if anyone has ever seen or heard of any luck being had with plums on their property in place of other fruit trees. Found an article on QDMA about them, but it was further south, and I trust local word just a little better.

  2. Stay away from Plums Marsh...they give you the &^%$$s!!!!!

  3. You guys on this site just can't ever be this some kind of defense mehanism?
  4. O.K. O.K. I don't have a clue about plums TMarsh, nor have I ever heard of them being a good deer food. I suppose they COULD be a decent deer food, but I'm guessin' the deer would get the screamers as well??? Perhaps Scotty "The Magnificent" Werstler knows about the plum.

    This question is making me plum crazy, man!!!

  5. my neighber across the street from me has to plum trees, late summer deer are there all the time
  6. Don't anything about plums but you may want to give persimmons a try.
  7. Don't mind Dean, he's plum loco.
  8. I thought the magic turkey hat made the sarcasm disappear.
  9. Tmarsh have you thaught of about apples???? There real good at attracting deer.
  10. I have, and I may use them, but there is a small orchard not too far from my place, and i'm hoping to throw a little curveball at them...
  11. I planted a 36 tree orchard about 300 yards from the house in 1998. There are 4 plum trees in it. So far there has been minimal fruit and they only get about the size of an english walnut before they prematurely ripen and fall off. I spray, prune and fertilize like the books tell me, so maybe they are just immature, not sure. I know my mother in law has two plum trees in her yard and this was the first year in a long time she had fruit. The fruit hers produced were smaller than store bought as well.

    In terms of cover, the plum trees will send out runners and form thickets. My fruit trees try to do this, but I prune them off. Not heard much about prune thickets in Indiana, but do read about them further out west. I did see some in western Iowa when I went out there deer hunting. You could try a biologist to see if they know if they would grow well in this area. LOL on that one:tongue: . If you want to see if a biologist on here will answer the question I would start the thread..."The OBR and plum thickets..." Only way to get a response IMO.

    I have heard persimmons are a good food source especially early season, but I think we are on the upper end of their range. I know of a few people who have them, but I would consider it a rare thing here and in the Wolf Lake area. Again a biologist might help, if he/she chooses to do so.

    The QDM book I read lists out apple, ash, hard maple, and basswood as favorite browse for whitetails. I know you are talking about fruit and not browse, but the apple offers both. I have been trying to see where a guy could get basswood saplings to plant, but no luck yet and if you look at any thread I have strated asking for help on such things, no qualified biologists have offered a word of help, advise, or suggestion. Other than to tell me I am uppity from my high treestand perch and that I am not a trained and qualified person when it comes to proper deer management. I would have waited and let them answer this question for you, but its a little warm today for &*(^ to freeze over.