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Expectant Father

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. I feel like an expectant Father on here....checking throughout the day and evening to see if there is a new arrival of a Big Buck picture and story of a successful hunt. Looking forward to them!

  2. Tree...I feel the same way. I haven't been out yet and I'm counting on you guys and my bro to get my fix!
  3. That can be Fixed...snip snip

    I saw two bucks tonight. The first was an 8pt with nice shape to him, but with short tines. I'd been hunting near a thicket where I know my buck likes to bed down. The little 8 walked into that thicket for a fraction of a secound then all I saw over the top of the thicket were HORNS, and that little 8 tore off to the west. My buck is still alive and well and keeping to the same spots....Now if I could just coax that old SOB to come out.
  4. Sweet deal, Quail. Hope you see him close soon!
  5. Ya gonna pass out some cigars when one gets posted ??? ;)
  6. tell me bout it i still have a while till i can get out if i can at all:banghead3
  7. Finally! My day has arrived. The first time out will be tomorrow afternoon. Excited can not even explain it. One misfortune I have is that the forecast is rain.
  8. keep huntin' him Quail, you'll get him!!
  9. I DO consider you a father figure Randy!!!! It's the hair........:hide: !!!!!

    I'm so proud to call you DAD!!!!! (except for the Indiana fan thing and all....). I love you DAD!!!!!:cwm27:

    Now, can I have my damned Bud Light??;)
  10. Hey Dad, can I barrow ten bucks for gas?
  11. If I had you and Dean as sons you guys would be in big trouble! :bash:
  13. atleast if they were urs ud have too sonds that hunt