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fairbanks landing?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by mason34, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. anyone ever hunt here and if so what could you tell me about late october bowhunting there

    Ive been there once during the muzzleloader season. What a fricking dump. The way the state handled this particular piece of property is enough to make any outdoorsman sick to their stomach. They had a pearl in their hands and turned into nothing more than a fricking chunk of limestone. This place has all the makings of a monster buck meccah. When they first opened it up to hunters they let 8000 gun hunters walk in their with guns blazing. They didnt set aside much for cover area and what they did wasnt all that nice of habitat. Its big thats for sure and you have to be good with directions when you get into the labyrinth of ravines around the place. During the late muzzleloader season Ill be we ran into well over 500 different hunters. We saw a lot of the ground and were impressed with the habitat. What i did see that makes me see this place as a dump was how the sportsman of indiana treated this particular area. We found several does with bullet holes in them left for dead out in the set aside fields. There were even deer wrapped up in cheesecloth or gamebags laying on the side of the road rotting. Trash was everywhere. When the DNR opened it up they didnt allow any antlerless tags. So all the does that we found dead were poached and shot just for fun. It was sickening. Makes you feel very greatful that you have private property to hunt on. There were permanent tree stands up that had shotgun casings hanging in branches around them. Dont get me wrong we saw a lot of deer all were does and big uns at that. However I really never fully got away from the sites we were seeing on a regular basis dead deer laying in the field with bullet holes in their necks and stomachs, dead carcasses laying on the side of the road and garbage everywhere that a truck could unload it. I guess if you can get past that you have a shot at good hunting and some good does to hunt. For the big bucks that should be in the area. Im sure they have all vacated the place for the most part and are well aware of what staying on the property means for them. I am almost positive that all the local hunters that had property near there are loving it now. Good luck to you if you hunt there. I didnt care for it if you cant tell.

  3. I've heard nothing but bad things about it, just like what trdtnl mentioned. I wouldn't go there for no amount of money or deer.
  4. Protest too much?

    Ya know Mason, they could be sandbaggin' ya. I bet you find Randy there opening day! This is the kind of thing they do to protect a good honey hole.
  5. Our local newspaper had an article about Fairbanks Landing after the first season it was opened for hunting. It praised the Fairbanks site for its potential but said it was very crowded. I remember the columnist telling about a buddy of his who had another hunter climb a tree within 20-30 yards of his buddy. This hunter actually shot a doe that was walking under his buddy's stand. Hopefully things have improved there but I think I would check it out before I made the trip.
  6. Redneck Heaven.......

    People lined up days before season opened so thye would have a "spot". Fights happened because someone left and tried to get back in line(had to make a booze run). Conservation officers shook their heads andcounty and State police made runs. There was/is no organization to this properties use, the property manager should be held accountable.

    I'll never visit the place, but I know some who believe it is a great place, Redneck Heaven........
  7. I'll tell you the truth.

    If Fairbanks is whithin a reasonable distance, it's worth a drive.

    The place holds a very large deer population, I've hunted there during the early archery and late M\L parts of the deer season and have never been walked on or found it difficult to find a spot to hunt. The general gun season is by special draw and is buck only.

    The land is OWNED by a power company, NOT THE IDNR!!

    The IDNR has a lease on the property and it is managed by Minihaha (I think).

    Self check in is required.

    I've hunted there quite often last year and always found it to be an enjoyable public land hunt. Seeing deer is not that difficult there, we've taken a few but no big uns.

    The place is also loaded with turkeys and they offer fall archery turkey opportunities.
  8. Camby
    Tell him the truth please. I mentioned there are good numbers of deer there and that there are big does around. However when the IDNR said alright here are the rules for the property... 8000 gun hunters are welcome on opening day but you can only shoot bucks. They ruined it before it ever had a chance to be something. The place is disgusting. Camby tell him about the trash on the sides of the roads or how about the carcasses laying on the side of the road... How about every joe schmoe and their brother out and about. I dont recommend it unless you go in early bow season. I wasnt impressed. The only thing that impressed me was the habitat. IT was impressive to see that kind of whitetail land that could be manage to produce monsters year and year out. However it was ruined early before it ever had a chance to be something good. You can go and check it out for yourself let me know what you think of it and post what your perceptions of the place are.
  9. 8000 gun hunters ??????

    I don't think

    8000 gun hunters lol
  10. Ummmmm.........Camby.

    If you can't tell that trdtnl was using the # 8,000 to represent "an exagerated amount of gun hunters were allowed to flood the property"........then it probably gives us some clarification on why you like it.
  11. thank you scarlet... apparently exagerations are not allowed.... Next time I will get that data and chart it up on the exact number of hunters allowed on each day and then Ill chart it for hunters per square acre... then maybe ill do it to hunters per tree. We need a chart on this one... :evil:
  12. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
  13. Notice............

    Notice Camby did not dispute any of the comments made, he dodged them to the dates he (perceived) as his hunting dates.

    The complaints are real and the accounts are accurate, IDNR did a terrible job of managing an area. Camby believes a visual contact with other hunters are needed to assure no animal escapes being shot at...... Fairbanks fits this requirement.

    I'd soon hunt any other property as one such as Fairbanks, each of you need to understand... if it hasn't been hunted by the public, it has mature buck potential........ our deer biologist will do anything possible to destroy that! Can't have any success in Indiana, people might lease that land. Or better yet he would need to justify why big deer have been taken........

    Ask any deer hunter about Fairbanks, he''l say same thing as Clint Eastwood did in Hamburger Hill. "It was a Cluster ****!!! Only the Rednecks loved it.........
  14. i've never been there and don't plan to but i have hunted places like that. that description trdnl gave describes a lot of other public hunting sections i tried to hunt several yrs ago. i said it before and i'll say it again gun hunting public land can be dangerous. can you imagine the people wanting to legalize high powered rifles getting their way then going to a place like that to gun hunt :yikes:. not me.
  15. That's ok guys, if Camby wants to go to Fairbanks and hunt then let him...once he takes enemy fire he'll probably change his mind about the place. :cwm27: