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Fall Run?

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. With cooler water, steelhead are here


    Tribune Correspondent

    The steelhead are here, more are coming, and this weekend should be a great time to catch one.

    Cooler weather and rain -- ideal components to lure big trout from Lake Michigan into the St. Joseph River -- have delivered a Labor Day weekend gift to anglers. And while less than a thousand may be swimming in South Bend/Mishawaka waters, those numbers will grow dramatically over the next few weeks.

    "The ladder has been full of fish for the past two days," said river biologist Rod Edgell. "We'll open it up this afternoon (Thursday) and fish will be passing all weekend."

    [​IMG] Bodine Hatchery fish counts, based upon underwater videotaping through Aug. 23, showed 356 fish had passed over the South Bend dam.

    "I'm sure we've had quite a few more than that since then, and I fully expect a lot of fish to come through this weekend," he added. "We're even seeing a few king salmon."

    Edgell said hatchery officials hope to finish up collections so that the ladders can remain open throughout most of the fall.

    Prior to yesterday's haul, they needed 300 more fish. If not this week, they expect to wrap it up early next week.

    So what about fishing this weekend?

    "There should be quite a few fish caught," said Dick Parker of Central Park Bait in Mishawaka. "The early arrivals are usually aggressive and can be caught. They get a little tougher to trick once they've been in the river for awhile."

    The key, Parker said, is cooler water temps. Steelhead bite best when the water is cooling.

    "Crawlers or spawn are good bets for bait fishermen, but you can catch them on bright-colored in-line spinners and hard baits like Hot N Tots,"
  2. When are we going pigeon. I have never fished for steelheads. Do you use a boat or wade? May talk Quail in making the run.

  3. You may be able to talk me into that, haven't fished for steelies in about 6 yrs.