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fall shrooms

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Lots of great pictures! Great to be alive in Indiana in the Fall !! :)

  2. Great pics,, I dont know much about them, but looks like you do!!! What are the pink ones #55. Looks like something out of the smurfs. Very cool pics, thanks for sharing!!!!
  3. Which ones make you see stuff?
  4. Ask Willie.
  5. I thought I'd get that response
  6. Cool pics. Morchella...what can you tell us about I.D. and taste, cooking methods etc. for some of those beauties????
  7. There is a lot of fall mushrooms that are good to eat. Try this one it is called Bird Nest. Yes it look like a bird nest and it has 3 to 4 white spots inside of it that looks like bird eggs. HOW ABOUT THAT
  8. you eat birdsnests ??? never heard of that ...there are also splashcups (also have egglike spores in a cup base) .... not sure bout the pink shroom .... busy doin sumthin right now and im on dial-up ... but im guessin ya speakin of a bolete i found awhile back .... as far as ID on all the shrooms i have pictured ... very hard to try to explain such a vast question on the net ..... alot easier if ya in the woods
  9. I agree, Jim a friend of mine has books on mushrooms with pictures and they are still hard to fine out what they are. We have looked on the internet for hours trying to fine out what some of the mushrooms are and still some of them we can not fine.
  10. I use to dig sang and yellow root when I lived in West Virginia, but I don't do it much in Indiana. We use to dry the yellow root and grandma would cook it and make tooth ache medicine, and she would take the sang and make tea and when we were sick that's what we would take for medicine. We also would dig may apple roots and sale then too. Also we would get small birch trees and sassafras roots and make tea with then, and it was good. Then what we had left we would dry and sale. You got to remember I lived in W. Va. my dad was a coal miner and there was not a lot of money back then, 50 years ago and dad may $27.00 a week.
  11. I think I've seen some of your pics before, what a collection! Nice!!
  12. yeah stump ya have ... lol .... i go to sum other sites ya frequent .... thanx