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Fall Turkey Season

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by LoveHunting, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has been able to bag a turkey during the fall season, or even if anyone is hunting?
  2. i tryed to this bow seasion. i did it at the same time i was hunting for deer in the tree stand. seen some but they didnt come close for a shot. they had other places to go and didnt feel like getting shot at. lol. oh well it was fun. spring seasion will happen for me.

  3. I shot a Tom 20 pounds, 8 1/2 incg beard and 3/4 inch spurs.
  4. WAY TOO MANY TURKEYS!!!!!! there should be a turkey hunt in all the seasons and then just for :16suspect's and giggles let kids hunt the eggs like it was Easter.
  5. I would like a spring only hunt with greater harvest opportunites. There is know reason why we cannot harvest 2 or more Toms based on county population just like bonus tags for deer.
  6. No luck for me. I didn't go after turkey, but would have tried to shoot one with my bow while deer hunting if one came past my stand. None did.