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Found this...Not sure what it means!!!!! 312 IAC 9-3-18.5 Exotic mammals Authority: IC 14-22-2-6; IC 14-22-32-6 Affected: IC 14-8-2-278; IC 14-22; IC 15-2.1-24 Sec. 18.5. (a) A person must not take, as defined by IC 14-8-2-278, an exotic mammal that is a species from any of the following families of mammals: (1) Bradypodidae (tree sloth). (2) Bovidae (gazelle, bighorn sheep, antelope, and wildebeest), except for domestic cattle (genus Bos, including all dairy and beef animals) and buffalo (Bison bison). (3) Camelidae (camel and llama). (4) Canidae (jackal, wild dog, and other exotic foxes). (5) Cebidae (marmoset). (6) Cercopithecidae (baboon and monkey). (7) Cervidae (elk, moose, caribou, and other exotic deer). (8) Dasypodidae (armadillo). (9) Elephantidae (elephant). (10) Equidae (wild horse and zebra), except for domestic horses. (11) Felidae (mountain lion, lynx, tiger, and other exotic cats). (12) Giraffidae (giraffe and okapi). (13) Hippopotamidae (hippopotamus). (14) Hyaenidae (hyaena). (15) Macropodidae (kangaroo and wallaby). (16) Myrmecophagidae (anteater). (17) Orycteropodidae (aardvark). (18) Pongidae (chimpanzee, bonobo, and gorilla). (19) Procaviidae (hyrax). (20) Protelidae (aardwolf). (21) Rhinocerotidae (rhinoceros). (22) Suidae (wild boar and other exotic swine), except for domestic swine. (23) Tapiridae (tapir). (24) Tayassuidae (javelina and peccary). (25) Tragulidae (chevrotain). (26) Ursidae (bear). (27) A hybrid or genetically altered mammal of any of these families. Exempted from this section are the following species of mammals that are not considered to be exotic mammals: white-tailed deer, bobcat, red fox, gray fox, and coyote. (b) Notwithstanding subsection (a), a person may take an exotic mammal only if the exotic mammal is: (1) taken by a resident landowner or tenant while causing damage to property that is owned or leased by the landowner or tenant; or (2) a species from the family: (A) suidae and: (i) has been released or escaped from captivity; or (ii) is a member of a breeding population in the wild; or (B) bovidae, camelidae, or cervidae and slaughtered in accordance with IC 15-2.1-24. (c) A person may not possess an exotic mammal that is a species from a family listed in subsection (a) except as otherwise provided by statute or this article. (d) A person: (1) may not release an exotic mammal that is a species from a family listed in subsection (a) into the wild in Indiana except as otherwise provided by statute or this article; and (2) must report the escape of any exotic mammal listed in subsection (a) to a conservation officer within twenty-four (24) hours. (e) As used in this rule, "exotic mammal" means a species that is:
Half of the no kill list is killable
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