Family tree of Vincent Van Gogh

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    The Family Tree of Vincent Van Gogh

    His dizzy aunt -------------------------------------------------- Verti Gogh

    The brother who ate prunes -------------------------------- Gotta Gogh

    The brother who worked at a convenience store ------ Stop n Gogh

    The grandfather from Yugoslavia ------------------------- U Gogh

    The cousin from Illinois -------------------------------------- Chica Gogh His magician uncle --Where diddy Gogh
    His Mexican cousin ------------------------------------------ A mee Gogh
    The Mexican cousin's American half-brother --------- Gring Gogh

    The nephew who drove a stage coach-------------------- Wells-far Gogh

    The constipated uncle ---------------------------------------- Can' t Gogh

    The ballroom dancing aunt ------------------------------------ Tang Gogh

    The bird lover uncle ------------------------------------------- Flamin Gogh

    The fruit loving cousin ---------------------------------------- Man Gogh

    An aunt who taught positive thinking --------------------- Way-to-Gogh

    The little bouncy nephew ------------------------------------ Poe Gogh

    A sister who loved disco ------------------------------------- Go Gogh

    And his niece who travels the country in an RV ------- Winnie Bay Gogh

  2. I must be related as well cause after reading that I was thinking Letme -Gogh:coco:

    It was funny