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Favorite Bass Tactics

Discussion in 'Indiana Bass Fishing' started by treehugger, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. OK...With recent fish photos and fishing conversations posted on this forum my thoughts and energy are starting to turn towards the tug of that first fish of the year. I want to know from you Bass Fishing Fanatics what your favorite bass fishing tactics are and lures to get ol' bucket mouth in the boat.

    Without a doubt my favorite is top water fishing. I hanker for the slop so I can drag that rubber mouse across the top and get blasted!!! The Zara Spook is a great one too in open water! My biggest bass have been caught on topwater, 6.5 lbs. on "the Spook" and 6.0 lbs. on "the Mouse". Get creative and add a worm rattle to the inside of the mouse to really get 'em goin'.

    I guess second choice would be the "jig-n-pig". Don't ever let anybody tell you this is a cold water fishing tactic only. I use it all year round and catch good numbers and size on it even in mid-summer. Best color? Is there any better other than 1/4 oz. Blue/Black with Blue/Black pork chunk? Be sure to split the pork chunk tail more than it is out of the jar, it gives it a much better swimming action. To make it a little different than they are used to slide a small piece of fluorescent yellow plastic worm up the hook next to the jig head and/or add a rattle...and HOLD ON!!!

    OK.....Now you know my secrets...let's hear yours!!!

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  2. I like a deer hair mouse on a 7 or 9 wt flyrod! Marabou nymphs stripped in on a 5 wt flyrod work great too.

    I also like slipping a frog over the muck with conventional tackle, I put 4 or 5 small split shot inside the body of the frog so it rattles, has a lower profile in the water, and always bend the hook points up a little so they stick your palm when you put the lure in your fist,you'll get far more hooksets this way.

  3. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    My favorite bass tactic is fly fishing with a popper...or buzz bait, or twitching a Rabala to get a strike on spinning or casting equipment.

    Now, here's the problem....most of my fishing is done on Lake George which is not a very good top water lake (or I'm just that lousy of a fisherman.)

    So I've gone to the wacky worm set up with a lot of success. Also, I like to use an Erie Darter on a 1/4 or 3/8 oz. jig.

    Last year I did a lot of trolling with crank baits for doing that.
  4. Trolling is no good for me. After a half an hour my wife really starts to complain about all the rowing she's doing.
    Fishing should be relaxing, listening to her gripe about following the weedbed just one more time...just starts to wear on my nerves a little.
  5. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    That's a good one...I take my wife out, and it's about...oh, 3 min. and she wants to patience. That's when I start's dumb proof and we move around the lake so she can see all the pretty cottages.
  6. Good ones guys, definitley gotsta keep the ladies happy!!! :gaga:
  7. Cary you're method is evil and bright! I'm in the midst of greatness.

    How does your dog do in the boat? Mine wants to jump out and retrieve everything he sees floating on the water.
  8. My wife never fished until she met me, she never hunted until she met me either. Now she gets the biggest fish of the day alot of times. I have taken her deer hunting but she has yet to get one. Maybe next year. When we met I was sure that I was too much hillbilly for this girl and she would be over me and my ways real soon. Not so. On our first date we went spotlighting for deer. On our second or third we went fishing. I had to teach her alot and I got a real kick out of her doing so well. She didnt hunt with me this year because she is a retail manager and around Christmas time its awful busy. Although she didnt hunt, she always encouraged me to go out and have fun, she would even get up early and make me and my hunting partner breakfast, then pack my lunch. When I killed my deer this year she was the first person I called and she was proud. Sometimes I think back at the crazy things I was doing before we met (bars, parties, ect. ect.) and im so glad we met and are married. She is the best thing thats ever happened to me.

    To answer the question at hand though: Moss Rat
  9. Big 10-4 on the Moss Rat!

    Not long after my wife and I met I took her fishing. On Easter of that year I bought her a tackle box and put Easter grass in it along with a few lures (that I thought I could use too!) for Easter instead of an Easter basket. One day, after some heavy partaking of the adult beverage the night before, she called my parents house looking for me. She called off and on throughout the day to talk to me but my Mom told her each time I was fishin'. She thought I was trying to avoid her and there was no way a guy could go fishing for 10 hours straight in one day...WRONG! At least she knew what she was getting into from the
    get-go so it was no surprise to her after we got married. She hasn't deer hunted yet but she did go out Turkey huntin' with me last year and is planning to again this year. I'm with you to appreciate the good wife!
  10. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    She gets kind of nervous...on the pontoon, she's fine, ususally curls up and the fishing boat she's like a fart in a skillet.
  11. LOL LOL Sounds like my 6 year old daughter in the boat!
  12. Not always the most successful but my favorite way is a surface lure like a rapala flipped on the surface. When i was younger it was a Creek Chub Plunker!

    Dean Weimer your're a Garrett guy - why don't you start up that Creek Chub company again?
  13. dID SOMEBODY SAY BASS?? Is it time yet. Cant beat a day on the river with about 4 dozen softshells. But maybe a little SHADRAP 2" SR-5 action will do also. Love those smallies. It can be 95 and the smallies will still give you a day of fun with soft shells

    Wish I could get my better half to row.
  14. How can topwater not be a favorite? Running a buzzbait along some cover and WHAM. Or a frog across some muck SWOOSH! It's the best.

    My best producer in the last few years however has been a Stick worm, Senko style. I'd tell you exactly what I throw, but I don't want to be labeled as some company HACK.


  15. Zoom lizards, texas rigged with no weight. Almost weedless to fish with, fish real slow, you can get into tight spots around trees and weed lines without gettin caught up much. Chompers fished the same way, they dont cast far though without the weight!Black, deep green with pepper dots and black with blue tails works good for me!