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favorite morel recipes?

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by goggleye57, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Whats your favorite way to cook them? I like dip them a beaten egg and milk mixture then roll them in fine saltine cracker crumbs then fry in butter :bowdown:

    ";) Better skip the Donuts, to make room for BUTTER!!!! MMMmmmmm....BUTTER!!!!"
  2. I think they taste the best when you just throw them naked into the pan and fry them in butter, but they shrink up so badly, you'd have to find 5 pounds of mushrooms to make a good meal. So I usually roll them in a little flour to slow the shrinking process. Man, Dean's gonna have a hayday with this post!

  3. Usually cover them with flour and cook in skillet with cooking oil. Sometimes eat them just off the plate with salt on them...Most of the time I like them on bread with ketchup and salt or with eggs. You can't go wrong, they're good just about anyway you eat 'em.


    P.S. Yes, JL your post will get hit hard...and often!
  5. Huh, never really thought of that.
  6. Less chance of splatter burns from the butter.
    Should be part of the hunter safety information.
  7. Naked, shrink?????

    What??? I like mushrooms!!!!!:dizzy:
  8. "Shrooms"

    I like the above Ideas, esp. Jamie's ....Could we make that a co-ed cooking show???

    I like them just the "old fashioned way". Cut shrooms in half (unless big yellows), rinse real good to get bugs out etc., roll them in flour and salt and pepper, and cook on med. heat (so butter doesn't burn: it takes a little longer but is worth the wait). I like them crisp, but don't mind a soft center...

    The best mushrooms I've ever ate were cook in a cast iron skillet, over Med. gas heat, in real butter. I was working at a restaurant here in Garrett, and had access to all the handy equipment. They were the BOMB!!!!!!

    I also know a mushroom maniac here in Garrett who likes to use unsalted butter, and just adds the salt he likes on his....I love salt and butter so Get R Dun.....They really should have their own special Food Group: The Salt and Butter group.:corkysm55
  9. Soups on !!

    And, for those of you who like Cream of Mushroom Soup???

    I learned how to make Cream of Mushroom Soup homemade while working at "The Railroad Inn" restaurant here in Garrett (a railroad town). One year, my best friend and I found almost 1000 'shrooms just around town here, so I decided to make some soup. I used regular store bought 'shrooms (kind on salad bars) and threw in some cut up yellows too. It was excellent.

    The base for soup is chicken stock, milk, butter, Kraft slices, salt pepper, and a little flour or starch to thicken (maybe onions too, whatever you like). It was real good!!!
  10. Butter is the best but if you want to try something different use Bacon Grease or Peanut oil...........Real good. Something else to try is after you dip them in egg and milk get some garlic and onion flavored croutons, crumble them up and dip them in that........Can you say MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!
  11. Dean..........ugh, emm, uh............I think you found the wrong kind of shrooms!!! Are ya sure they were morels??? Who would do such a thing to the highly precious eats.......PUT THEM IN SOUP!???!!! Come on Man!!
  12. with fresh turkey or crappie

    Pretty good cooked whole with fresh wild turkey breast in a baking dish with onions, potatoes, butter, herbs. Bake 300-350 degrees for an hour. The challenge is not over cooking the turkey breast. The mushrooms don't shrink as much that way, no batter, though. More of the mushroom flavor.
    Good that way with fresh crappie instead of turkey.

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  13. You got it Hoyt, bacon grease is a great way to go. A little egg dipping and throw on some cracker crumbs and fry. Man that make me want to eat.
  14. Which ones do you prefer, taste wise, the yellows or the lil grays?
  15. Damn Lyon I am glad you dont invite me over for dinner!! SCARY!:yikes: Ha Ha!