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Favorite Muzzleloaders

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by Windum1, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. What is everyone shooting out there for their frontstuffers? I use a Knight Wolverine with 90 grains of pyrodex rs with a hornady 245 grain Jacketed hollow point. Scoped with a tasco 3-9x32mm puts about a 1 inch group at 100 yards. :cool:
  2. I have a knight bk-92 and a 54 caliber traditions lightning. Currently I'm using the traditions- it cost all of $99 off the clearance rack at Cabelas. I have used sabots. Lately I have been hunting an area in muzzleloading season that is in the brush and no shots have been past 35 to 40 yards - so I have been shooting home cast maxi ball type bullets with 100 grains of pyrodex. It kills em dead. :evilsmile

  3. Thompson Center Encore, Stainless with composite stock. Triple 7 powder pellets and 300 grain sabots. Topped off with a Bushnell Banner scope.

    Oh, I forgot the most important thing....Winchester 209 primers.:chillin:
  4. I have two, a Savage HB-10ML-II with a Luepold 2x7x32 scope and I use 250 gn xtp's with it and an NEF/SMI custom smokeless with a 3.5x10x50 Zeiss Conquest scope and .40 200gn sst's. Both are very, very accurate (sub MOA) and very easy to shoot.
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  5. I currently own 4 muzzleloaders.

    Stainless/thumbhole Knight Disc Extreme 50 cal. FFG 100 gr Triple Seven loose with a 260 gr Winchester Platinum tip. Scope 2-7X32 Bushnell 3200. This one has around 700 rounds through it.

    Stainless/laminate thumbhole T/C Omega 50 cal. FFG 100 gr Triple Seven loose with a 245 gr Barnes Spitfire. Scope 3-9X44 Millett BuckGold Maybe 200 rounds through this one.

    Knight Hawkeye Handgun 50 cal. 60 gr FFFG 240 XTP. Burris 2X handgun scope. Only about 70 shots through this one.

    T/C Hawken 45 cal. I've not shot this one yet. It's a fresh trade.

    I've also owned and shot:
    CVA Hunterbolt Mag .50
    Traditions Buckhunter .50
    Knight Wolverine 209 .50
    Lyman GPR .54
  6. My setup is nearly the same as HickoryNut. I also have the T/C Encore but with the Stainless/Realtree Camo Stock. I shoot 100gr of pyrodex pellets and 250gr T/C Shockwave Sabots. I also have a Bushnell Trophy 3X9X40 scope.......AND Winchester 209 primers.

  7. We have 5 Encores we use. 4 are factory with factory fiber-potic sights, 2 with nylon stocksets and 2 with factory walnut. The last has an 18" custom Bullberry barrel and a custom Bullberry/Woodsmith stockset in black walnut. This is topped off with a Leupold 2-7x32 scope.

    We have not found the need to put scopes on ours. We use 100gr pyrodex pellets (switching to 777 when we use up all the Pyrodex ) with a 240gr Hornady XTP sabot. The wife dropped a doe that dressed out to 167lbs last year at 164 yards with this round and the open sights. That's far enough accurately that we don't feel the need for a scope.

    With the custom Bullberry, I use 60gr 777 pellets with a 180gr XTP. This is a great setup with almost no recoil, which was the point, as this was my rig for the kids when they were smaller and had issues holding up the heavy rifles and being able to shoot them accurately.
  8. Savage 10ML
    Have a .45 cal SMI being built
  9. Thompson Center Omega

    I shoot 100gr of pyrodex pellets and 250gr T/C Shockwave Sabots. Several people are pushing me to try the Triple 7. Is it really that much easier to clean your gun after using the Triple 7?

    Haven't put a scope on yet! Any suggestions?
  10. I just ordered the TC Omega 50 cal. SS / Realtree Hardwoods Camo / Thumbhole stock from Gander Mtn. They didn't have one in stock so they are transferring one from another store. This ML stuff is all new to me so I will be learning everything from scratch. Anything I can learn here to save me some headaches and $$$ will be appreciated.

  11. I shoot a Knight MK85 Predator 50 cal stainless/laminate topped with a Bushnell 3200 1.5-5x32. I shoot 100 grains of loose Pyrodex Select and have been experimenting with different bullets. I've had good luck with 240 grain Hornady hollow points. This year I killed 2 does with 195 grain poly tips from Precision Rifle. They fly great but not much if any expansion at long distances (99 and 125 yards).

    I'd like to try a T/C Omega and a Savage smokeless sometime. Does anyone know the latest stance the state has on smokeless? If they have any thoughts of restricting its use in Indiana, I don't want to waste my time shopping for one.
  12. I think that they gave up on the smokeless ban. I had herad a few rumors from a local CO about them still considering it, but they did not materialize this year like he said they would so I'm betting that they never will. At least I am hoping that they don't, because my SMI barrel is already being built, and I currently own 2 Savage. Would hate to have 3 smokeless smokepoles, and still have to use those DIRTY black powder & substitutes
  13. New addition: Knight Disc Elite!
  14. Josh, the triple 7 is a ton easier to clean, and it doesnt smell like the south end of a northbound skunk. You'll like it. And there is less smoke.