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Favorite Setups

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JL, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. I look down through this forum and see QDM, OBR, charts, graphs, politics, and personal/private agenda saturating every thread. Let's talk about DEER HUNTING, dammit!!! Let's not attack or put words in each others' mouths. Sorry, I had to do that. With that being said, what is your favorite whitetail setup? I like to hunt early bow season, and my favorite setup, although uncomfortable, is when the heat is on! I have a stand overlooking the only waterhole in at least a 1,000 yard radius, and when the temperature increases, so does the buck activity around this waterhole. I have taken two nice bucks from this stand, and have seen countless other MONSTERS! Tell me your favorite setup!
  2. I think it was 2 yrs ago after season, Feb. maybe. We had good snow cover for nearly a 2 week period. We went scouting to see if we'd pick up trails we never saw in the fall. It was quite an education. Places where I would have bet $$ to have hard trails in the snow had NONE, and other places I wouldn't have expected looked like highways.
    I found a place where five of these trails all came to one spot. Set up a stand about 20 yards off that spot, and have been rewarded numerous times since.

    This year I found a simular situation in another location that I think will be even better! Can't wait for the fall.

  3. I love a shallow back water setting. Depending on how many birds are using the area for how many dekes. Mostly mallards but do put a little variety in(MAYBE 3 DOZEN). Group the mallards in a U shape of to the downwind side of you. I like using the greeters out to the front od U. Put the bottom of the U about 15 yrds to the side of you. Stay on the down wind side of the U. Add about 18 geese just in front of you. I also add some pintails and teal at both top sides of the U. Pintails on the farther side. Seems like you need those fast little booger teal in your face to get them. Put some woody dekes all along the back of the U from 1 side to the other. I throw in just a few coot dekes way out in front just for a little more confidence. Keep those out of range cause you are probably needing room in your spread by now and they are nontarget anyways. And then round it off with 2 mojos on remotes right in the bottom center of your U. Look out this one is guaranteed to fool the smartest of them. All G and H dekes. Dont go with the cheap ugly stuff. In the end you will have more fun.

  4. Inside edges(corners) of where a woods and grain field meet.And wherever I can get a tree stand near water.If I do not see many deer, there always seems to be ducks, or muskrats, etc. swimming or messing around.But the last few years I have had good success on wooded fence rows, they seem not to get much hunting pressure, and I think the bucks seem more comfortable along them for some reason!
  5. Hunting setups is all I cared to talk about...No matter where my dekes are, I always put a couple of hen mallards close to the blind or boat or wherever I am hunting. I read this somewhere, and it seems to work well. I knew you guys could help me out! Keep 'em coming.
  6. Hey tile, the water setup is cool. I've seen woodies pour in to this little hole, coyotes, coons, swimming squirrels (no joke), and I watched a mink play around for 45 minutes last season. Cool stuff!
  7. I never thought about the tree stand in front of the dekes.... I bet for sure they wont see me in the trees.. Where will I hide my dog... I got it a tree house.
  8. I live around a lot of flat praire ground with a lot of man made ditches.I have seen some great bucks spotlighting and from the local farmers tell me they have seen some monsters.My question is how do you set up for bow season on these deer, when there is not much cover.I have tried spot and stalk and getting 50 yds is about it! Any other suggestions. I need to invest in a good range finder,any suggestions there?
  9. I wouldnt ever shoot a duck with my bow, but for kicks I tried drawing on a wood duck and man he spotted me in a heartbeat!
  10. My favorite setup for last year was the last week of goose season here in the north. Found a rock Island in the middle of the river. Floated in just at sunrise hoping all the geese were gone by then so I wouldnt spook them out. Got there and about 40 flew out. Took 18 big foots and put them on the shallow side of the island in 4" water. They stood right up and looked awesome. Had another 18 floaters scatered in between us and the bigfoots. Put the boat against the bank under some trees. The bigfoots around this island was the ticket. Check out the pic in the gallery of this setup. We managed to get a few.

    Was joking about the tree house thing I would hate to see another heated debate on here:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile
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  11. Hey, tile...I had a similar setup one time on a property I used to hunt. I hunted a fencerow between a 40 acre CRP field and a 40 acre cornfield. There were only a handful of trees on this fencerow. I picked the biggest one, an elm that was only 12 or so inches in diameter and hung my stand. I killed two nice deer out of that stand, and saw many others. I was hesitant because of the lack of backdrop/cover, but I knew it was a good spot and took my chances.
  12. Pigeon, I checked out your pics...looks like a nice place to hunt...everything!
  13. i hunt a setup in brookville where i'm at the base of a hill right at the edge of a bedding field and about 50 yards from 2 different creeks. About 5 trails come together around my stand and i have a large abundance of acorns around me. the area behind me in super thick so deer love to travel the area. I've been hunting the same stand for about 10 years and it produces year after year. I killed one nice buck, but have seen a bunch in range, but the big ones always find a way to hose you.
  14. Fence Rows

    For deer I hunt a field edge (alternates between corn and beans from year to year) within 50 yards of a corner fence post where the fences come together. The deer come up out of the deep ravines of the woods behind me and travel the fence line to the open field. The deer across the field seem to migrate to the same side of the field that the fence is on. Many times the deer will cross the field, hit the fence line and follow it right to my stand area. That happened in 2005. A doe came across the field, hit the fence line and came right to me...she was followed by a big buck...who came right to me. Prime hunting area is where fences are or fences come together. Many times deer, especially big bucks will bed in fence rows. I see most of the deer in my hunting area near the fence line. I took 4 deer from the stand near the fence line in 2005 and 1 in 2004 (after I figured it out). The landowner used my ladder stand in this area in 2005 and took a doe. Find a fence row or corner post and you are in business.
  15. amen on the bickering brother!! i would say my favorite setup in early season is field edges where they come out.