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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by anon782010, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Starting to get just warm enough that I can trick myself into thinking the open water isn't too far away. This is the time of year when I suck at life the least, so I am fiening for it...

    What is everyones favorite...


    Anything open water fishing fellas, its getting to be that time...
  2. Rod - St. Croix Avid. (I'm afriad to try a loomis)
    Reel - Shimano
    Line - Berkley Vanish
    Lure - Yum Dinger
    Technique - Texas or Carolina rig
    Lake - St. Clair River

  3. Right now, I'm watching it rain and thinking about Racoon Lake in April, and the Crow Wing chain of lakes in northern Minnesota. I like fishing. I don't have a rabid preference for any one species. My 6' spinning rods are all threaded with 6# Berkley, and my tackle box is loaded for bass, or crappie, or silvers, or 'gills, or....whatever tugs.

    :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish:
  4. Don't have a favorite rod, myself, whatever seems to feel right
    Quantum Snapshot reels are my fav
    Berkley line
    4 inch purple power worm
    texas rig
    Bucketmouths are the most common fish i chase, but i usually have my 13ft cane pole in the water pullin a panfish or two...

  5. open water!?!?!?
    i got all goosey this morning thinking about it when the temp hit 40
    berkley lightening rods
    berkley line
    whatever lures i haven't lost in the junk that day haha
  6. Favorite small mouth lure was strike king's bleeding tubes,,,,,worked good on the largemouth's too at the local ponds.
    Bottom bouncers fer the lakes and the rivers fer walleyes.
    Fishing poles.........the ones that cast and reel good!!!!
  7. My kind of thread!

    Rod: G-Loomis (fat price tag, but well worth it)
    Reel: Shimano (Chronarchs are my personal favorites)
    Line: P-Line CXX...tough stuff
    Fish: Smallies!
    Lure: Anything topwater
    Technique: See above
    Lake: One in Canada (with smallies!)


    Come on, open water! :bouncy:
  8. I have 35 rods and reels, 4 tackle boxes full of my favorite baits. LOVE them all.
  9. A cane pole with bobber. Cricket and/or bee moth. Gills of the end of the dock.

    I'm high tech!:lol:

    I'm just not much of a fisherman. I try though.:chillin:
  10. shimano spinning reels, also pfleuger
    trilene or berkely line
    ugly stick rods (they don't break in the back of the truck)
    big baitcaster for cats
    I like to catch whatever is biting, but smallies on top water is the best
    favorite lure, pop'r type top water
    patoka lake for lm, erie for smallies
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  11. Any pole and rod is fine with long as I have my Zoom finesse worms in one of the following colors:

    1.) Cotton candy
    2.) Mossy pumpkin

    Carolina rigged with a piece of split shot, and I'm catching them all day long! ;)
  12. Actually, I forgot. My favorite tackle.

    Reflex bow, fiberglass arrow, and line retriever.

    Nothing like bow fishing.:coolgleam

  13. Eat good?:cheeky-sm

  14. I'd have to ask the raccoons. I think they find them mighty tasty.:corkysm55

    I don't get to bow fish often, but when I do, man is it fun. I took my youngest daughter with me last year on Mother's Day, in the afternoon. We shot 5 big fat ones, just walking the ditch banks.:coolgleam
  15. Rods; G. Loomis/Castaway
    Reels; Shimano (Curado and Symmetre)
    Line; Berkley Big game, Vanish and XL
    Fish; Bass, (Largemouth Smallmouth and spotted)
    Favorite Lures; Jigs (jig n pig,craws and tubes) and Topwater (Buzzbaits,frogs and spooks)
    Favorite technique; Fipp'n and pitch'n and Any kind of vegitation.(Topwater)
    Favorite Lakes; Guntersville and Kentucky lake and Patoka
    Boat; 518VX Ranger w/ 200 Merc (I like to get there fast)
    I fish The Indiana Federation, Hoosier BFL and The Cataract Hawgstalkers
    LETS FISH!!!!!
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