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Fees for hunting antlerless deer decreased

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Muddy Fork, May 18, 2006.

  1. I've got my lifetime license, but this is great news for all who care about the health of Indiana’s deer herd!

    Fees for hunting antlerless deer decreased

    Step reduces financial burden on hunters who help regulate deer herd size

    To better maintain a balanced deer herd, the DNR has encouraged the taking of antlerless deer during hunting season. Yesterday, the Natural Resources Commission ratified a proposal by the DNR that will reduce the cost of certain bonus antlerless deer tags.

    Under the new proposal the cost of the first bonus antlerless deer license remains $24 for Indiana residents and $150 for non-residents. But to encourage the taking of additional antlerless deer, the cost for the second and subsequent bonus antlerless tags falls to $15 for Indiana residents and $24 for non-residents.

    "Since the whitetail deer was re-introduced into Indiana in the 1950s, deer hunting has been both a sport and a biological necessity," said Kyle Hupfer, DNR director. "Man has always been the primary predator for whitetail deer so hunting is important in maintaining Indiana’s deer herd population at a proper biological level and a size more acceptable to the human population.

    "The new fee structure established yesterday will help with herd management while also reducing the financial burden on hunters who assist the state in regulating the deer population."

  2. i like that. i hope it makes it through.

  3. I like it to, although I was hoping for a greater reduction in price.
  4. Great !

    thanks indnr ! Last years deer hunting cost hurt alittle but this will help on the check book!:)
  5. Great news for those that dont have the lifetime license. However i have a question. Indiana is quickly becoming a big buck mecca. There have been a ton of deer that have been shot that will get into the record books and will make national headlines. Some already have as Dean has pointed out. So if the DNR is so worried about making money and how much it is losing lets make our out of state tags a little more expensive. Look at Illinois. Its well over 300 dollars for a non resident tag. Maybe if we jack the price of those out of state tags up we can cut down on out of state leasing and out of state outfitters trying to make a dollar, when it cuts down on access in the state for average guys that love t hunt. Just a thought.
  6. sounds good. at the very least they should have to pay what their state charges.
  7. I third that motion!
  8. Is there steal hope in this world where someone can do something right.
  9. Shoot more does; balance the herd, and produce GIANT bucks......

    This is great news. I hope it goes through. The antlerless take was up quite a bit last year almost statewide, while the buck harvest went down. Look for this coming season to produce more giants. And speaking of giants.....Joe Bacon informed me earlier that a fellow contacted him about getting a 180-class Typ. bow kill from Sullivan County last season scored. I haven't confirmed it yet, but this would be yet ANOTHER true giant harvested this past season. It gets better and better...with one of the main reasons (besides the OBR) being hunters' willingness to harvest adult does to balance the herd. Keep up the good work Indiana Deer Hunters!!!!!
  10. Say it ain't so, Joe. Say it ain't so.....
  11. Let's hope so 410.....