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Fenced deer hunting legislation

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If you want to make input call or email your legislators!

Revised deer-farm bill advances

Niki Kelly, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

INDIANAPOLIS - Legislation regulating deer-farming operations in Indiana passed the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee on Wednesday despite opposition to canned deer hunting. "I suppose if we end up with legislation that nobody loves that's probably as good as we can do," said Rep. Dale Grubb, D-Covington, commenting on the emotional debate. Although language specifically related to the controversial high-fenced hunting of captive white-tailed deer was removed from House Bill 1780, several speakers testified that loopholes still exist in the legislation. "The hunting public, as well as the general public at-large, have demonstrated that they do not and never will, approve of shooting pen-raised, bottle-fed animals behind a fence in our state," said Gene Hopkins, director of the Indiana Sportsmen's Roundtable. "You have heard this outcry and moved to remove the shooting language from this amended bill."
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This bill died when the democrats walked out. It had loopholes that would have allowed canned hunting:tsk: I'd rather buy a pig and shoot in the head with my ruger 22 pistol.
I was wrong! Its not dead , I appreciate the correction from folks out there:) -

Citations Affected: IC 15-4; IC 15-5; noncode.

Synopsis: Deer operations and marketing. Adds cervidae to the commodity market development program. Establishes a registration program for cervidae livestock operations within the department of agriculture. Exempts accredited zoos and certain federally regulated operations. Provides that privately owned cervidae are the property of the owner. Allows cervidae meat and products to be sold. Establishes operational standards for cervidae livestock operations. Establishes fees for registration of an operation. Establishes penalties for violations.

Effective: Upon passage; July 1, 2005.

January 19, 2005, read first time and referred to Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.
February 24, 2005, amended, reported _ Do Pass

E-mail or call your legislator
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