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Fenced Deer Hunting

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I know this "Canned Hunting" has been touched on in another post...Being an upland hunter who has never hunted deer, the topic didn't really affect me.

    But the topic is heating up again with public meetings and a lot of posts on different sites speaking to the issue.

    Seems somewhat unethical to me to hunt something that can't get away...even those who hunt pheasant preserves know that the birds can fly off the property.

    How do you guys feel about hunting an animal behind a fence?
  2. I think that it depends on the amount of land and types of habitat on that land.

  3. if you wanna pay to hunt, that is your business. i dont look at it any differently than a pay pond. same are stocked for your fishing enjoyment...we put cattle behind fences and then butcher them...the only thing that irks me is that a "deer farm" is so scrutinized by the government officials...but i will add this...that aint hunting if they are planted and controlled just the same as that aint fishing if they are planted and controlled...just my "two cents" worth...hope i didnt step on anybody's toes
  4. I have mixed feelings about it. I agree with Rico about freedom to do what we want. But I also have some problems- First is it fair chase? Hunting is hunting not just killing. Second- How does it reflect on our sport of hunting? Hunters have to be aware that the way we reflect hunting to folks around us will decide how they view hunting and how they will vote on hunting in the future. (Shooting deer in a pen looks pretty bad to many non-hunters who may not be anti-hunters yet). A third concern that comes to my mind is disease. When we push game animals together the chance of communicable disease transmission greatly increases. Chronic wasting disease, epizoic hemorragic fever, and bovine tuberculosis all come to mind as serious wildlife diseases that could be spread. How would I feel about having a big buck shot in an enclosure hanging on my wall? I'd be ashamed. How about a pen-raised pheasant on the dinner table- not as bad. Certainly my own thoughts, not those of the Indiana sportsman.
  5. good point it for the table or is it a trophy? and the meat just discarded...but it still aint hunting in my book, where is the thrill or the sense of accomplishment?
  6. I think i should add a little more to what i said. I own 5 acres and if i was to fence that in and put a deer in it and charge some one to hunt for that deer, no that would be very non sporting. But if there are hundreds and thousands of acres like some of the ranches out west i think that would be a different story.

    any way this topic dont apply to me i hunt my own land and my buddy hunt some small woods in LaGrange county. We put our takes together to save on processing and it gives us some quality time together to tell our tales of the hunt.

    You all brought up some very good points.
  7. Fenced Hunting...


    Personally.... I AM AGAINST fenced hunting.. I realize that hunting property is getting very difficult to find and the trend of "pay to hunt" is rapidly becoming the only recourse for hunters but IF it ever comes to that... I am having a HUGE GARAGE SALE of hunting supplies.

    I was conducting a "Deer Hunting Seminar" for a local tackle center and a lady approached me stating her husband operated a "Hunting Preserve" in Northern Indiana.. (No names mentioned.)

    I was asked to contact her husband and work it around HIS schedule to conduct an interview and feature an article about their "services" in my weekly outdoor column. I was promised a "substantial" reduction in cost on a personal hunt.

    I politely informed the lady that I was NOT interested in featuring such an article in my column because I did NOT promote such hunting practices.

    Personally, I cannot advocate spending thousands of dollars for the opportunity to look at a "deer catalog," select an animal and have it "drugged" and placed in a "glorified dog kennel" and then... go in and shoot it...

    I could NOT believe a permit had been given to this business in the first place. Sounds like something fishy... like money talking.

    I guess this is a touchy subject and some people are for this.. I AM AGAINST IT.. NO OFFENSE to anyone but I vote "HELL-NO!!!":redface:

    Bud Fields