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Ferguson Buck scored?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bocephus, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Im sure you have all heard about that big buck killed in Morgan county, does anyone know the hunter personaly, and shouldnt it be getting scored this month. Any info?
  2. The guy that actually shot the seer is me, in a future life. No really, in a future life I will kill a world class deer and it might as well be Indiana. Oh, did I mention that im 3rd cousin to Harvey the Rabbit. Im not sure when i'll get the buck scored, maybe in my next life. Is anyone confused yet? I know I am. Merry Christmas.

  3. Do you take medication?
  4. he does...but he misses doses regularly. :bonk:
  5. Bocephus

    Hey Bocephus, my office is in Franklin. I imagine one of us knows or knows of the other. I guess J. Bogucki is going to score this buck. I'm pretty sure it was killed around 11-15, so it should be dry this weekend. Hickory is da man.
  6. Whats your name?? What kind of office do you work in??
  7. I would like to know the score, its a whopper.
  8. If I remember right the buck was taken on the 16th. I also heard that it was being held at Lucas Taxidermy.
  9. I also have an office in Franklin. Lumsdon Chiropractic.
  10. If that was my buck ( I should be so lucky) it would not be at some taxidermy shop. It would be under some serious lock and key in place that only I and a trusted individual would know about.

    200+ racks bring a hefty fee on the black market.
  11. Lets start a pool on the gross typical and net typical also for non-typical scores

    Heres my guestimations: Typical: Gross 219 1/8 Net 207 3/8

    Non Typ Gross 224 6/8 Net 219 5/8
  12. Ok, I just took my good for the next 4-6 hours....who wants to
  13. all wrestling matches are held in the chat room beginning at the top of each hour. :bash:
  14. Wrastling!!!!!!

    What's your weight class Hickory?? I might be your Huckleberry!! I'm about 6' and 210 strapping pounds of Thunder, baby!!! Who wants a piece of this????
    Let's WRASTLE!!!!!! What are you guys a bunch of :gaga: ?????

    On a serious note, the Ferguson scoring session hasn't been put in stone yet, so don't place your bets just yet.