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Field and Stream Deer Article...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Jun 21, 2007.


  2. I read all of the posts that y'all sling around about how age, more than any other factor, determines how big a buck will get. That was an EXCELLENT illustration of that point.
  3. at 5.5 the camera gets put away and the gun comes out....
  4. fullrut

    fullrut Guest

    At 5.5 he gets his picture taken with me and my bow over top of him. Sure is a neat set of pictures though.
  5. Nice article Brew. I emailed it to my "if it is brown it is down" friends. Pictures speak louder than words...especially those pictures.
  6. Why Why Why

    if big horns are what you are after then the points of this article are true but believe it or not some deer hunters hunt with other motivation in mind. don't judge guys or gals who shoot small racked deer.:banghead3
  7. out of the straight jacket finally?
  8. Very nice article that exemplifies everything I believe in. Do I hunt bucks for antlers???? Maybe..... But, I hunt "DEER" to eat them. No judging, just hunting................ The article is sweet as hell! That took some serious patience and dedication.
  9. because because because

    No more judgement should be attributed to those who like to shoot larger bucks than those who don't. Just because someone wants to hold out for a big buck doesn't make them evil. Pout and whine all you want, you know its true. Some guys like fat girls...some guys like basket racks...don't tell me i'm the anti christ for liking to look at big deer...:nono:
  10. That was a good article. Just saw it the other day. Even 4 1/2 the arrows start flying!! No point in even beginning to talking about people hunting "Deer" not racks and all that hoopla. If everything is legal who cares. I dont know why this always comes up when guys manage there heard to grow big bucks. Its there choice just like people that shoot 1 1/2 olds year after year.
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  11. Awesome buck for sure Brew!
  12. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!That is one of the best stories i've read in awhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. thats a big ol' he didn't taste worth a hoot. I'd give one of my kidneys to put an arrow through him and find out though...
  14. he's my desktop background...he's just such a pig...freakin' A...