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  1. Watch out Playgirl!!!!!! savage you!!!!!! So many folks wanting to make the cover of a magazine, but only one has the look and body to actually GET R DUN!!!!!

    "What the hell is wrong with these guys"? LOL!!! LMAO!!!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Dean, I can't believe they never invited you to the photoshoot!!!!! I think that's awfully rude of them. :woohoo1:
  3. That's funny...I don't care who you are!
  4. I made the front cover:woohoo1: :woohoo1: :woohoo1:
  5. Wow, that made my day right there...:lol:
  6. I need to get a copy of your guy's workout routine!:bonk:
  7. Hey Brew, Thanks for the puddle of pee on my computer chair.
  8. Just think how crazy duck hunters had to be in the lead shot days...I'm thinking the non-toxic shock is having a big effect on the hunters if not the ducks.
  9. haha... very nice, very nice!
  10. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! My eyes! Good stuff! That is some funny stuff right there!
  11. Is that Bocephus in the middle and Hickory Nut on the left?

  12. It's overlaid with Banjo music.........
  13. That is so wrong on so many different levels.:yikes:

    Can we make a DNR Emergency rule that next year all hunters are required to keep their shirts on?
  14. If you think that's bad, you don't want to be around when the have to bend over to pick up a duck.:yikes: