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Filming hunts

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by coonslayer21, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. We Have..


    My son and I have done quite abit of videotaping of our hunts;) . I have a decent library of videotaped hunts that I use for some of my speaking engagements and I have even sent some select footage to my sponsors.:bowdown:

    I also enjoy watching the tapes after the season concludes to help me decide what I done correctly or incorrectly that resulted in success or going home empty handed.

    I also just enjoy reminiscing about the different hunts I have enjoyed throughout the years.


  2. my cousin and i used to tape quite a bit, i think we are going to start again this year. it is pretty tough to keep two guys hidden from the deer, especially does.
  3. My brother films his hunts and his son when they hunt together. We are going to film a hunt together this bow season...hope to get a kill on tape.
  4. I'd film mine but nobody wants to see that kind of pain and agony. I'm sure the language could get an R rating too.
  5. i had one guy on tape miss a 6ptr 3 times inside 20yds. the deer just coming back daring him to try again...hillarious and talk about r rated when he ran out of!!!
  6. Hey fellas what kind of camera do ya'll use?? And how expense is it??
  7. i have a sony digital and it was about $350
  8. Me and my cuz video tapes each other once one of us tages out. We use a climber and climb up the portable then climb with climber about 7 feet up.
  9. Me and my dad like to videotape each other shooting a couple it is very hard to do but we have gotten pretty darn good at it. We bought a sony that i think was about 450 dollars