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Finally Did It

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by DadOfFour, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Well for about 5 years now I've been toying with the idea of getting a bow, mainly for the extra season. Today I went down to Gander Mountain and went a head and did it. Picked up a Bear Omni Pro. My wife is ticked off, not because of the $ I spent on the bow but because now from Oct 1 thru Jan 7 she won't see me on my days off :evilsmile

    Now I'm gonna have to go home early and get some practice in. Instead of 70 odd days till opening day I've only got 17 WOO HOO!!!
  2. Congratulations


  3. The best of luck to you and your new bow. Oh and good luck with the wife. My dad filled me in on a littel secret. Early season when you are gone, find some wild flowers and pick them for her. Make sure the bugs are out!! (thats a big one) It takes the edge off when you go home after being gone all day. Maybe my dad is whipped or maybe he is just experienced. Im not sure which. I guess ill find out soon enough. I havent had to retort to the flower usage, but its a suggestion. Enjoy the new season and enjoy the wildlife that it allows you to see. Its far better than any other season out there.
  4. As the phrase in "Major League" goes, "That's a hell of an idea!"

    Will have to remember that one because I know in a couple of weeks, I will be getting the look of disgust when I tell her that I passed up several yearling bucks for a shot at a biggin:hide: .
  5. Hey josh does this sound familiar?

    " I wish you would just shoot one so you can spend more time with me," "Why are you not shooting them, its not like you ever kill big ones anyways... oh well you probably couldnt hit it anyways!"

    And then you sit back and wonder to yourself "Id like to see you do what i do and then come home to you and the look, if it were safer and warmer outside id sleep in my treestand just so I could only get one look a weekend." Women they are a treat to explain the outdoors too. If there any ladies out there that take offense to that I apologize. Dean dont get too mad at me please.
  6. My wife is cheap and enjoys the free deer meat, so I don't get any guff for going. She doesn't like to hear about me passing up deer though. Now I've learned to not tell her that. "Seen this nice 6 point this morning, but he just didn't come in quite right for the shot." Is a lot better than telling her I passed it up.
  7. LOVE the wildflower idea....I'll definitely be using that one! :bowdown: :biggrin:

    Congrats on the purchase'll never regret it!

    Of course now there's all the accessories for bowhunting you'll have to buy! :yikes:
  8. congrats on the new bow and becoming a bow hunter. hunt all you can up to gun season. you'll get addicted. especially when a big one comes a knockin.:yikes:
  9. AMEN!! I wonder how long it takes for the spending time arguement to be brought out against me! I like your idea about the bucks "just not coming close enough!"
  10. That is a GREAT idea! I will absolutely have to remember that one! She asked me when bow season opens and I told her and her response was, "Oh great so from October 1 through January 7 I'll only see you when our new baby is born huh?" To which I wisely responded, "Of course not honey!" :biggrin:

  11. Welcome to bowhunting,'s the BEST time of year!
  12. DadofFour welcome to the club and now enjoy God's great outdoors
  13. Nothing beats archery close DaddieO
    now just practice practice's a 1 shot kinda thing!
  14. So, basically Scooter, you're lying to your beloved wife???? Shame!!!!!!
  15. After a while Dadof4, Josh, tradtnl, they will quit saying anything to you when you come home...nada...but ooohhh the looks you will get, that still happens. But hey, a look is better than having to listen to it anyday in my book! :cwm27: