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Finally found a Blackwidow HS

Discussion in 'Indiana Traditional Archery' started by Hookeye, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Had one, 60#.........killed a deer with it. Just a little too much # for my aging aching body.
    Found some HS in 60" and most 60 pounds or more, but finally got a 58" like my old one was, and 55#. Wanted a FF rated one, but only found one and it was $$$.

    This one was well used, riser drilled for quiver, twice (4 holes). Broken drill bit in one of the holes, hence the "extra set". Below the surface, so screw it........epoxied it in and repainted. Can't tell it was ever drilled.
  2. Nice bow! Good luck with it! I love breaking out the recurve but I don’t practice enough to feel comfortable hunting with one. Maybe one day!

  3. Thanks. FWIW if you've had a rough go with recurve there is a cool video on Youtube, long but VERY well done.

  4. I always shot "instinctive" which is........non conscious aiming. You simply shoot a bunch and learn subconsciously the sight pictures. Takes a lot of good practice but is fun and works. It also can be rather fluid (not snap shooting, but smooth and quick if need be).

    A couple yrs back I tore pulley tendons in my middle finger at work (bow hand). And I broke my index finger on my draw hand (also at work). Definitely not cool before bow season. They both healed somewhat, but literally by then I had less than a month to practice.

    So I changed from split finger and tab, middle finger anchor corner of mouth (like my arm position best with this anchor) high cheekbone anchor and middle finger under cheekbone................and 3 under tab.

    What this did was allow me to use my arrow as a sight. It feels funky, and is rather static, but it works.

    Made this 25 yard shot.

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  5. ddoss,

    You can do it! If I can, anybody can :)