Finally, the monkey is off my back!

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    Opening weekend brought nothing more than a flooded stand. I went out Friday prior to the opening morning to find that my stand was in a couple of feet of water (I hunt the river bottom and when the river comes up, I need to grow flippers!). So on Saturday, I went out with my climber and set up a few hundred yards away at the waters edge to see if they were still travelling through, or if the water had them taking different routes. Well, they were still going through it, but since they could not stop and browse, a buck decided to make a fresh scrape and rub on this higher ground since the rain had stopped. Saw several does, no bucks. Went back out Sunday, the other side of the tree was just as torn up as the first side. Deer were still travelling through (I wore my waders out and was up to my waist in water before I was able to make it to my stand. It looked like an island, but the water had receded over night, shweeew!) So I set up a portable stand Sunday afternoon and hunted it with my shotgun. Saw some deer at last light at 40-50 yards, but could not see any racks (no scope on shotgun). I went back out Friday morning and saw nothing but does/fawns (14 total). BUMMER!! Determined to get this buck that I had seen during archery season, I took out my Knight muzzleloader with scope Friday night and about 5:40-5:45, he came out at 40 yards in the open field and kablammy! I was able to watch him run about 60-70 yards and just lay down...not stumble and fall, he just layed down and expired!

    12 points, one is broken off on the right side and he has a double brow tine on the left side. Not gargantuan, but it is the biggest rack that I have so far and this deer came from state owned property. The rack mirrors the right side of the 11 point that I shot on the same property...genetics???
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  2. Very nice deer!

  3. Congrats, sounds as if you had to work at it pretty hard! I'm sure it feels great to finally be rewarded.
  4. Nice Deer! Congrats!!
  5. Nice one !!! Congratulations.
  6. Amazing how you wonder about your sanity while you are on the stand for the countless persevere and finally get the reward...
  7. Congradulations, nice looking buck there.
  8. congrats!!

    Congrats lilkrou, nice buck!
  9. Southern envy----sometimes!

    :mad: just wish i had been there............gotta love em aquatic deer! :fish2: good j-o-b bro!
  10. Hot damn! Nice buck, lilkrou!