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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Noftheriver, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    Doe down.Archery, now I can relax and try to get the big guy.
    First archery kill.
  2. Congratulatiuons on your first bow kill. You got that monkey off your back, now get your big one. Good luck.

  3. Two seasons and I still havent got my first bow kill; Congrats!
  4. Congradulations on your first bow kill !
  5. Thanks guys. It was a heart shot.

    I just went to fillet the heart it was sliced on one side.
    The arrow grazed it! She still went about 250 yds.I got it on GPS but I have not downloaded it yet I am estimating
    It explains a lot. Wen I gutted her the cavity was filled with blood. The lungs hissed when I hit them with the knife so they were intact.
    The bowel was bloated but not punctured.
    She bled to death from a heart shot! in the wound was a leaf the arrow picked up from the tall grass I shot through
    1/2 inch lower it would have been a a longer tracking and I might not have found her.

    Tomorrow I will wrap some bacon in the heart,season it up good and bake it for abour 45 minutes.
    Its a little tough but; "Dont waste no flavor"
    I figure if one is man enough to take the life of one of Gods animals ya better be man enough to eat it all!
  6. Heart is delicious. I like it with green peppers and onion with a little garlic. Slice it up and fry it all in butter! There wasn't anything left of the heart from my buck..... looked like cranberry sauce. I'll have to get me a doe so I can indulge. It'll be liver and onions tomorrow though.
  7. Green peppers and onions eh? Pan fry?
    I am gonna try that .
    I always do the backstrap in butter I was think about doing the heart also like that. You have just given me a good thought process.
    Last year I had no heart,that .50 blew it apart.
    The year before I made it like described.It was okay but I think the fry in butter concept will taste better.

    MMM MM good!
  8. Congratulations on your first bow kill. I've never eaten the heart but you make it sound pretty darn good!
  9. Nice job. That doe should be tasty!
  10. Great Job! I missed 3 times on the same doe this year w/ a bow. It was the first time Bow Hunting, and i totaly lost it....... I only wish i would have gotten her. It would have made for a great season w/ the Buck i killed durring gun season. I guess it was for a reason.