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  1. Although I have been reading threads on this forum all season, I havnt had time or anything worth posting about. I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible for my 1st post.

    Well on the evening of Dec 22nd (last friday) it all came together for me. I have been hunting a big nine pt on my property in crawford co. all season and have never seen him during daylight hours. I knew he was there because I had seen him on my trail cam. I have passed on over 30 different bucks this season on our two farms. My father and I own one farm in crawford (150 acres) and one in orange (350 acres) and have killed 8 bucks in the past 10 years over 150 inches. I thought Friday eve was going to be just like every other sit. I had seen a total of 14 does and 4 bucks in a short amount of time. As I was about to get down from the tree, with probably 5 minutes of shooting light left, I heard footsteps coming towards my tree. At ten yards he stepped out from behind a cedar and I put a perfect shot on him! This has been a long, LONG season for me as I have put more hours on stand this year than any other and passed up SEVERAL deer in the 140 class. This deer green scored at 166 (scored by me so I'm sure its a little off) and I just want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone that posts on this forum. With your knowledge, pics, and great info you kept my spirits up through long season. This just goes to show that with persiverance you can still be successful in the late season. Good luck to all who are still out there and hopefully in the future I will be able to contribute more to the forum.

    Pic uploaded to photo gallary if anyone knows how to add it to this thread.

  2. Awesome buck tmiller!!! Well worth the wait, way to stay with it and passing on those smaller bucks. Give us some measurments on those tines man, they look great. What was the spread?
  3. awesome buck...i went yesterday evening and saw this gives me inspiration to set a couple of more times....congrats!
  4. Very nice deer.. conrats. It's very hard passing up a nice deer.. I learned that the hard way this year. But it's well worth it!

    What part of Orange Cty do you hunt?
  5. Great deer! Sounds & looks like you and your father are going a fantastic job managing your properties.
    Congrats again...
  6. Nice buck,Tmiller, congrats! I read that you got him in Crawford but you hunt in Orange co. too. I have some property in Orange, not far from English.
  7. Post some pictures of your other deer, we would love to see them.
  8. Nice buck. Goes to show that patience is always needed.
  9. Good job there tmiller. Excellent buck for you.
  10. Great buck, great story. An inspiration to all of us that wait on a buck like that!
  11. TMiller it is good to see a guy that puts his time in gets rewarded with a deer of that caliber. Well done!
  12. Thanks guys. He had just over a 20" inside. I cant remember the inches on the tine length. I'm thinking 14" on the larger side g2. I will get some pictures this weekend of my other deer and try to post.

    Fordgo- this deer was close enough from downtown English that you could walk. Our place in orange co is between English and Paoli.

    For all the guys still out there. My dad hunted yesterday evening and saw 15 deer. Saw a big 9 and 10 going at it and the 9 was chasing does all over the place. Dont know why they are so wound up all the sudden. He said it was crazy so keep at it!
  13. Great buck, and welcome to the forum, tmiller.