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Firearm related statistics... Lets talk facts, not OBR & PCR

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Indianahunter, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. :irked:I know I'm just getting cranky in my old age but I'd like to have some of you more computer literate members, peers, truth seekers, yada yada yada do some research for me.... I've started the ball rolling here, so lets see if anyone wants to keep it going?

    Firearm deaths in 2001

    **Unintentional 802
    Suicide 16,869
    Homicide 11,671
    **Undetermined 231
    All total 29,573

    Firearm deaths in 2001 by percentage

    Unintentional *3%
    Suicide 57%
    Homicides 39%
    Other *1%

    **802 + **231 = 1,033; Correct me if I'm wrong but based on these numbers, this total is the only amount, which could possibly be attributed to a hunting situation… Right?...Wrong?

    *4% of the total recorded firearm deaths in 2001
    Stats provided by:

    So class, here are my questions I would like you to research:

    What was the estimated adult population of the US in 2001?

    What percentage is 29,573 of that estimated population number?

    How many incidents per 100,000 adults is this?

    What percentage is 1,033 of that number?

    What is the estimated numbers of hunters in the USA?

    What percentage is 1,033 of that number?

    ***This number is actually high as 78 of the 1,033 were children under 14 still several could be hunting related.....

    What is the membership of the NRA and how many people in the USA legally own a firearm?

    What percentage is 1,033 of that number?

    How many states, like Indiana, allow you to carry a firearm for personal protection?

    What is the estimated number of people with a personal protection permit in these states?

    Come on now, work with me here...lets not loss sight of the intent of the thread... You all know how I hate it when a thread goes out of control...

    So, if you cannot add to this discussion, pick up your Cabala's catalog, and head to the thrown!!!

    We will call you when we need your input....

    No OBR or PCR discussions here please....

    So, lets get the data first then we can have some real fun.... Trust me

    Any questions?


  2. I thought for sure that as many here with to comment about this need for information. It is somewhat like ballistics....The numbers do not lie..... Come on gang let get in the mix.....
  3. I would say that the "undetermined" firearms-related deaths were where a body was discovered, but the investigators didn't know if it were accidental, suicide, or homicide. Probably very few hunting-related deaths would fall under this category. That leaves the "unintentional" category. This would cover accidental deaths from various means -- hunting, cleaning a loaded gun and shooting yourself, kid accidentally shooting his buddy, etc.

    There's usually one or two hunting fatalities a year involving firearms in Indiana, so multiply that by 50 states and you will probably be looking at less than 150 a year.

    There are around 4 million NRA members and around 80 million firearms owners here in the U.S.
  4. Assume 290 Million as the population of the US in 2001, that puts your figure of deaths right at 1%.

    As for the rest of the questions you pose, OIS prolly knows more about the state regs, gun owners, and guns in the US.

    No matter what, guns are not as dangerous as the people that hold them.

    But you can't convince a hippy of that with numbers. They only like numbers that are good for them.
  5. Below are a few of the fatal hunting accidents that have happened in Indiana.
    • 2006 - Brian D. Beckman, 46, treestand accident ​
    • 2006 - Weldon John Slater Jr., 60, died of hypothermia after falling out of his boat while duck hunting ​
    • 2006 - Mike Watkins, 36, accidentally shot and killed by his father ​
    • 2005 - Gregory Saylor, 41, shot by hunting partner who mistook him for a deer ​
    • 2004 - Coty Forbes, 12, inconsistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound ​

    Statistically speaking Hunting is one of the safest sports a person can participate in, but incidents still occur. There are about two - three accidental deaths per state each year related to some sort of "hunting accident". While any loss of life is tragic, these incidents represent a very low accident rate when considering to the hundreds of thousands of people who are participating in hunting activities.

    It should also be noted that deaths related to hunting accidents aren't just from shooting accidents. Falls from treestands make up a large portion of both fatal and non-fatal hunting related accidents.

    Hey lets look at a state with lots of hunters....

    Colorado Fatal Hunting Accidents


    2006 - Joseph DiBiasa Jr., 66, of Ronkonkoma, NY was hunting with his son Joseph Michael DiBiasa, 41. The victim's son, was carrying his 7mm magnum rifle on his shoulder when the sling broke. Grabbing the weapon before it fell to the ground, the younger man accidentally grabbed the trigger and fired the gun, hitting his father.

    2006 - Robert Heichel, 40, from Washington died after being struck by lightning near his hunting camp in Montrose County

    2003 - Gerald Holverson, , a friend mistook him for an elk

    This is really cool as well...
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  6. Some other facts:

    44 states issue handgun permits. Indiana ranks #2 in the nation in the number of handgun permits issued (6.4% of adults), with #1 being South Dakota at 7.4%.
  7. M4, thanks for the posts.... Really interesting stats wouldn't you say.....
  8. Interesting.

    It still boils down to we are more likely to be killed or injured in an auto accident on the way to and from hunting than while hunting.
  9. As Far As This In My Opinion Is That We Have Some People That Don't Know That All Guns Are Loaded (for The Accidents)
    And For The Rest I Think All Need To Be Reminded That People Kill Not Guns Because You Can Kill Yourself Many Ways This Is The Easiest Way
    And For The Criminals They Are The Ones That Give The Activist All The Power They Have
    Person Behind The Gun Is The Killer Not The Gun Itself How Mant Pipes, Axes Or Knives Were Used In Deaths?
    I'm Curious As To Where This Thread Goes
    Stats Mean Nothing Until You Profile The People That Are Behind These Stats
    Not Bashing You But I Don't Think This Thread Needs To Be On Here
  10. Great Site I always wondered if you could take your handgun to other states legally. Thanks
  11. I am one of the #2 Indiana state handgun permit holders. WOW every time I think things will settle down then something else starts. SORRY NOT TRYING TO PICK ON ANYONE. There is a lot of guys that should not even be allow to have any type gun even a BB gun. I am not the one to say who should and who shouldn't but man even in my area you run up on some guys with guns and you watch them with guns, they don't care what it is or who it is they are shooting. Example: We were rabbit hunting a railroad track a few years back and pass a couple of guys going the other way than we were, we said hi as we pass by, then all of a sudden we looked back after one of the guys said there it goes and it was coming straight at us and guess what both guys started shooting and the shot was hitting us in the legs and back. We said stop shooting and they did after 5 shots. That's the one I say should not have a gun of any kind. It seems like a few hunters don't know whats on the other side of what they are shooting at just shoot. I still don't want to see rifles for deer hunting in Indiana.