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The first annual Indiana Predator Challenge is complete! There are predator callers across Indiana (and Michigan) with droopy eyelids and sore muscles from hunting three hard days in Southern Indiana. The weather cooperated perfectly during the hunt but the record flooding was still an issue due to extensive rain the area had seen in weeks past. Cool sunny days and cold dark nights made for some excellent calling and beautiful travels for the contestants.

Every team called up animals with a mix of red fox, gray fox, and coyotes coming to the call including some coyote doubles. Every single team had their chance to put points on the board… but in many cases the Challenge was more than they expected! All teams fought with animals hanging up, missing shots and just plain getting busted!

TEAM BRUSHWOLF managed to connect on a nice red fox the first night, giving them an early four point lead, with all the other teams checking in empty handed. At the 200 yard rifle shoot three teams broke all 5 clay birds to put them in the shoot off. At the shoot off the contenders broke eggs at 200 yards. The REGULATORS scored the most hits to win the shoot and pick up two points for their team. Saturday came and went with several more predators called in, but still no new fur hanging from the game pole.

Sunday at
noon TEAM BRUSHWOLF sat ready to take first prize with their single red fox as team after team came in empty handed! At the last minute THE REGULATORS finally came through the gate and hoisted a hefty 38 pound coyote, knocking TEAM BRUSHWOLF into second place by just one point! In the end the combination of points earned from solid competitive shooting and calling scored the first place prize of three NIB handy rifles in .17 HMR for THE REGULATORS. TEAM BRUSHWOLF took home second prize (Calling Package) with the points they received from their opening night's red fox.

Hunters agreed that the Indiana Predator Challenge was a great time and most were making plans for next year. "I for one had a great time, although I am still in recovery from walking all those dang hills down there!" said
Scott Banfield, a contestant and contributor in the IPC. Ken Wolfe came all the way down from Michigan to compete in the hunt, "I Look forward to next year, and will try to get more of my calling buddies from Michigan to come down… it was well worth the drive!"

Chad Purlee had a shorter journey to the IPC but he overcame other obstacles during the hunt, "This was only my second time ever coyote hunting and I learned a great deal from the experience for future predator hunts. I am confident next years hunt will be even better for me."

Jason Bruce, the hunts primary sponsor and organizer, said things went off as planned. "I think everything went well, we had beautiful weather and some real great guys hunting and helping put this on. I think everyone learned a little something about calling predators in the hill country of southern Indiana. Next year will be bigger and better, the guys we had turn out this year were great so we've set the bar pretty high but we'll make this thing even better next time around."

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