First Annual 3D bow shoot

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Would you be interested in the outting

  1. Yeah it sounds like a blast count me in

    14 vote(s)
  2. No its too far to drive

    3 vote(s)
  1. Just trying to get a gauge on how many people would be interested in meeting in Lafayette for a 3D shoot and outting. We are looking at I believe the name of the place is Arrows 3. We are trying to talk them into letting us rent the place from around 12-3 or later if that is easier. I am thinking the saturday of August 26th. We can get together, shoot, get to know each other, have a good time, and then go get some dinner in town or something. Just thought it might be fun for some of us to get together. If the poll works on this page then just vote yes if you would be interested in doing it that weekend or no if its too far of a drive.
    We are working on finding out more info on the number of targets and what not. The cost would probably be somewhere between 6-10 bucks for the shoot maybe a little more like 15, but I dont know all of that for sure.
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  2. Sounds fun...sounds like another carpool is in order...

  3. no problem

    I would attend, sounds like a good idea. Maybe we could get a few more guys from here. It's about an hour drive for me.

  4. yeah only guys from here can go those are the rules. Im trying to get around 20 yes votes ERIC vote yes.
  5. Oops, I already posted the poll over "there." :lol:
  6. You picked a good weekend, I'm not scheduled to work that Sat!!!
    Count me in, although I've never shot 3D before.
  7. 3d

    quail...been reading up on 3D...I think its like shooting at the real ones but they dont move!;)

  8. Hey I can't pull a bow back, so I use a crossbow. But if they are not allow then I will just have to come and raise **** :bash: or should I say have fun.
  9. crossbows?

    Sounds like a good idea 410, you still pull a trigger like i pull on my release for me compound. They (arrows 3 )also has a dart video and 11 indoor shooting lanes. I'm in ,,,,,BW3's for dinner? Deano buyin'?
  10. Can't make it. Sounds like fun though. Every weekend is booked until Sept. and then, well, I guess pretty much every weekend is booked until early January with some form of hunting.:)
  11. man i would like to but got to work,and about 5 hour drive:(
  12. Come On Guys We Have Had 87 Views Of This And Only 6 People Have Voted That They Are In. We Need More People Than This. Its Gonna Have To Be Around 20 That Say They Are Going To Show. If You Havent Voted Make Sure You Do.
  13. 3d

    I would be interested in going.
  14. Sorry, will be in Clarksville, IN at the Bass Pro Shops stocking up on Hunting gear and equipment. It is the start of their Fall Hunting Sale at that location.