first bow kill

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by buckhead, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. i fella thats works for the phone company in new castle got his first bow kill ever
    7+7 20 plus inches wide i'm trying to get pics of this deer 14 points typical scoreable
    i will post pic as soon as i get one

  2. Yeah beginners luck, by the way we want to see PICS!!!!! ;) ;)
  3. Beginner's Luck or not... it STILL COUNTS and will be remembered FOREVER. My CONGRATULATIONS to the SUCCESSFUL HUNTER!!

    Bud Fields
  4. everyone knows why it was beginners luck OBR

    we are all gonna kill monsters from the results of OBR:bonk:
  5. Sounds like a dandy

    Poor guy will be spoiled from now on. What a way to start your hunting adventures!
  6. ive only got two deer so far since ive been hunting and its been with shotgun im hoping to get a bow deer this year and wuts the obr?
  7. Congrats to your buddy Buckhead. A friend of mine shot a huge 8 pointer on his first gun hunt, a doe on his second and a bigger 10 point on his fourth. 4 sessions, three deer - two of which are hanging on his wall.

    Talk about spoiled....