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First fox

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by indylandon, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]Shot this little guy Tuesday evening near Monrovia. I was up in a treestand calling for yotes when I heard something come in downwind, behind me. I was using a Johnny Stewert 612 E caller with a rabbit in destress tape and was more than suprised to see that it was a fox. He came right up to the tree and looked up at me. After he went behind the tree I stood up, looked down to my left and saw him looking up at me again. Thought he was going to book, but he gave me enough time to shoot. Straight down shot at 25 feet. The 50 gr V-Max stoped him dead in his tracks.
  2. very nice!! i think a fox is a bueatiful animal

  3. Good job on the fox. You hunt yotes very much? I'm getting into this year, have yet to do much huntin but I have a couple calls now and am raring to go.

  4. Sanford and Son!!

    Red Fox...He was a funny dude!!! :bouncy:

    Nice Indy!!!! Nice!!!!

    What gun is that???
  5. alhersch, I started hunting yotes about 6 or 7 years ago, and this year is probably the most I've gone. I found more places to hunt them. The fox was just a bonus. I've been deer hunting that place for 16 years and have never seen a fox. I started using more mouth calls this year and called one in for a buddy, but it had mange real bad. I'ts kind of frustrating some times because they don't always come in. Make sure you set up is right or you won't see a thing. Dean, It's a winchester mod 70 Ranger in 223. I sold it to my father-inlaw so I could buy a Rem 700 PSS in 223, but I have it at the smith, so he's letting me use it till I get it back. It has a Simmons Whitetail Classic 4-12x44 on it. Bought it used about 7 yrs ago with the scope on it. Here's the nasty coyote I called in last Sunday. For a bud of mine[​IMG]
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  6. no luck

    Wasn't able to call anything in Sat. Almost jump shot a nice coyote from it's bed on a ridge, missed it. My buddy has trapped a few in the last two weeks that are ratty like that pic. Mostly females that look like they have been bred.