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First ice fishing venture EVER!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by cjones46, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Saturday morning I'll be at Tmarsh's house at 6 am.
    We are going to one of the local lakes for my first venture ice fishing. I've fished my whole life when its warm. Saturday the high is supposed to be 10!! So it'll be well below 0 with windchill saturday morning. I cant wait!!!

  2. let me know what lake i may come fish too :bowdown: :fish: :grouphug:

  3. Get up an hour earlier and come up here! I'll be going for some walleyes on Sat. a heated shanty!
  4. gills started biting on spikes last hour of light this afternoon thru the ice. Started to get some size to them at dark. Be going after them and the crappies tomorrow night for some table fare. Should have some pics then. Looks like the night ice fishing should be good.
  5. Good luck Jones, Hope you get on some fish! Ice fishing is either something you love, or hate. I love it. Good Luck.
  6. I hadn't ever considered it until I started posting here. You guys make it sound like the cats pajamas so I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm gonna borrow a rod and reel this time...don't want to spend money if I can't stand it. Bubba it looks like we might be going up to fish with JL. They don't let colts fans on JL's lake either haha. Ill post here as soon as we figure out where we are going buddy. The more the marrier
  7. Good luck, and dont let Trent take em' all. Ah nevermind I don't think that will be a problem.;)
  8. i'm praying trent lets me snatch a couple...
    ugly betty is the worst show ever
  9. Well at least you are trying it under pretty extreme conditions. The cold won't be that big of deal other than keeping your hole open, however the 20 mph wind they keep talking about will make bite detection and getting back down the hole interesting. If it isn't a fun experience for you, try it again on a calm day in the 20's before you give up completely. I LOVE IT. No boat to hold into position, no excess line to get tangled, limited weed problems, AND NO MOSQUITOS OR DEER FLIES.
  10. James how many can you get in that shanty, I may can up if it's warm and you are going for walleyes.
  11. Two comfortably...but my buddy may bring his shanty as well. There should be room.
  12. Hey guys I don't have a fishing shanty but was wondering, do you think a pop up hunting blind work to fish out of? Of course I wouldn't drive the stakes into the ice :bonk:
  13. Don't drive the stakes, cordless drill my friend. Use a bit that is just slightly smaller than your stake, then tap 'em in.
  14. Anything to get you out of the wind... I saw on guys were using commercial gabage bags and they worked... Once you're out of the wind your lantern will heat things up nicely.
  15. If the wind's blowing, that thing'll blow for miles if it's not anchored down. Make sure you anchor it, and you should be fine. Here's a link to what the anchors look like: