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First Mess

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by iceman10, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. 2.5 ices of ice & managed enough for dinner ! Don t sound to promising for the cold weather is not going to last :banghead3 .[​IMG]
  2. In IN? PLEASE tell me yes!

  3. You dog, you! I've been wanting to check the ice, but I was pretty sure there wouldn't be any good enough. Guess I didn't do my homework! Nice mess!
  4. Hey ice where do you live and when are you going to fry them? I could use a meal of fish. NICE CATCH MAN
  5. Nice mess. Looks like some good eatin'.
  6. Gettin on a.s.a.p. as I get out of the woods this morning. 2 3/4 " of good ice. Be careful, I'm gonna.
  7. Well, I walked on it today, but I didn't fish on it. There were about 2.5" of hard ice, and there were three guys fishin'. They were doing a lot of sorting, but they had some decent fish on the ice. I doubt it'll be there for much longer though...
  8. Walked on one of my spots last night and there was only 2inches in the spots I checked. I was the ice as long as it took me to drill 2 holes, then I was off. Saw a 1 guy braver than me tip-up fishing. Looked slow for him though. 40's and rain this week is what they are saying, I doubt it'll hold through. We can only hope though.....
  9. What lake were you on hamilton was open by the spill way when i drove by
  10. what would you all consider to be a fair price to pay for an ice auger? i'm talking manual not motorized.
  11. i bought one about 3 yrs. ago when i went to the great lakes i think it was around $60.00 for an 8" sad thing is we haven't had any ice here since.