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Blog First Spring Turkey Prep part 1

Discussion in 'Front Page Material' started by FireLt72, May 22, 2017.

  1. FireLt72

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    So you have decided to hunt turkey this spring; now where do you begin? Great question! The first thing you need to do is start reading everything you can get your hands on about turkey hunting. Most of the national magazines out there have wonderful articles about turkey hunting, but there are also some fantastic web site that have experienced hunters who are willing to share information. They might not draw you a map to their favorite hunting location, but they can give you enough direction that you can figure out where a good location to hunt will be.

    The second question you need to ask is what I am going to hunt with and do I have the right gear? There are two legal ways to hunt turkey in the Hoosier State; bow and shotgun. Do you have the right weapon? That depends on you and what you feel comfortable with. With any weapon you need to practice with it and figure out what it is going to do and how it will handle. If you choose a bow the factor you must consider is the turkey's eye sight. What you draw the bow back you have to move to do so and then you may wind up being busted and the hunt is over for the time being. With a bow a blind might be the best combination. The blind gives you protection from the elements and conceals your movement more. If you choose the shotgun approach either a 20g or 12 g will work. Remember to take the time and set the gun up right.

    When choosing the shotgun you are using take it out and fine tune the weapon. Buy different loads and shot them at 20 and 40 yards. This will pattern your gun correctly. The easiest way to do this is take a large sheet of poster board or target- not a turkey head target but a real 10 ring target. Set up at the 20 yard range and fire. Aim dead center and then see where the load hits. Adjust the sights, if you can and re-fire.

    Do this with each of the loads you have tried out. Which load shot the best? the one that put the most concentrated amount of bb's in the center of the target. You want to do this same procedure at the 40 yard range. Try this with different shell and choke combination's to get the best set up. Finally take a pop can set it at the a fore mentioned 20 and 40 yard marks about turkey head high, 2 1/2 or 3 feet. A stick shoved in the ground works well. Fire away and cont the number of bb's that hit the can. You can also use a turkey head target; the Shoot N C Targets seem to work best.

    Most experts agree that a minimum of 10 bb's in the kill zone is good, but you want more. Can you kill a turkey with 10, sure, but if there are 30 there the odds are better. Go for the most you can get. More to follow!