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First time yote hunter needs your help/advice

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by j-bird, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. OK - I have taken a few yotes as a "target of opportunity" over the years. But for the first time.....EVER, I actually plan on hunting them this year. It appears I have a yote problem and I would really like to put a dent in the local population. I have a scoped 22-250 and am accurate in the daylight to hit a milk jug at 300 yards - so I think that should be proficient enough. I am hunting farm country. My son has bought a couple mouth calls (I am trying to avoid spending the money on an electronic call at the moment). We have a green LED light that will illuminate a target at roughly 125 yards. I have lots of questions and I will gladly accept any advice or words of wisdom.

    #1 - is it better to hunt them in the light or at night?
    #2 - is an electronic caller better/worse than a mouth call?
    #3 - is it even legal to bait them?
    #4 - do you need a visible light while hunting them at night like you do coons?
    #5 - any time a year better than others?
    #6 - what size shot is best for using a choked down shot gun in more wooded areas?
    #7 - can I hunt them from deer stands, ground blinds and elevated blinds like I do deer?
  2. Trap them is the easy way the only way to put a dent in them

  3. Can't.....I have dogs that I am fearful of getting caught and the wife has a HUGE issue against trapping. The more I read the more I wonder if hunting them is really worth the effort. I have seen several things written that suggest shooting them just creates a void that others will fill - regarding a small property.
  4. I use off set jaws if you catch a dog or cat you can release them caught hands in them hurts a little bit lol Do it in May and June for best results for fawn recruitment
  5. The dogs are one issue the wife is another. She is 100% against trapping. She is fine with hunting and the like, but for some reason she just really hates the concept of trapping. If she found out I was trapping animals she would use one of the traps on me......and it wouldn't be on my finger!
  6. Wife threatened to use rusty barb wire on me but that was due to another "issue"....