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first trip of 2006

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by ice dude, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. dad and i fished appleman with a couple of friends today. we ended up bringing home 35 and they took 33 with 2 crappie. we marked a lot of fish that just didnt want to bite. fish kept ranged from 6 1/2- 8 1/4.
  2. Safe Ice??

    What's the ice like now??:fish:

  3. around 6 " total with 4" of good hard black ice. but if we get the T storms they are calling for it wont be.
  4. You guys must live in the artic region of Indiana...most of the ice is gone here now and it was 56 degrees at 6:00 p.m. this evening. :chillin:

  5. Hey Treehugger, I just talked to Gary Handlin a bit ago. He wanted to know what I knew about the Morgan Co. buck. Didn't really have any thing new for him.

    Ice Dude, What are the gills hitting on?? Now that deer season is over, I'll switch over to fishing. Hopefully we'll get some more cold weather to tighten things back up. Have you heard anything about walleyes anywhere??
  6. I am in Rockport. Is 60 here today. May have to mow the grass soon. Is this outing still open and where is it going to be? Never ice fished before.:help:
  7. Hey Dean...I need to get hold of Gary and lock down a time for him to come over and do the "official score" on "the boss". It's eligible on Jan. 23rd. I would like to hook up with some of you guys some weekend and do some ice fishing this winter and/or open water fishing later on. From what I read on here and in mags the fishing north of I-70 sounds a lot different than what we have down here. Around here it's basically LM Bass, bluegill/redear, crappie, cats. Nothing wrong with that but I like going after the toothy critters like pike, muskie, and walleye. I'd be willing to trade some of my fishing spots for some fishing up there if anyone is interested. Several years ago my buddies and I would rent a motor home for 3-4 days and head up to Michigan salmon fishing. We went to Muskegon, Allegan (spelling?), Newago/Baldwin area - Croton Dam in different years. We did this for 4-5 years in a row and had a blast. Those stream running salmon have got to be the strongest fish going!

  8. I should have went - I only live 2 miles from Appleman- but I'm a big chiken :hide: :)