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First trip to Indiana

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by thirteenptbuck, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. This weekend i had a chance to get down to the Howard County area and boy, you guys were right. No trees, flat terrain cropland. It really did surprise me, i didn't think it was going to be that flat and open. We made our way down 31 towards Indianapolis a ways and things seemed to get a little better, but still pretty open. One thing that i did notice is that things seemed to get better the farther north of Kokomo we went. Once we got to the point of 31 and 24 it really seemed to be quite wooded and very hilly terrain. I really was not sure if i was still in Howard county , but it definetly looked better. I will probably be back down sometime in the next two weeks to spend a little more time North west of Kokomo. I am really hoping things look good about 15-30 miles Northwest of Kokomo because that is about as far as i can go. Thanks everyone for the helpful information, Paul
  2. You were not in Howard County at that point............but you were in the Peru, IN area..........fantastic hunting right there.

  3. Scarlet Dew is right about that -Southern Miami county-Public land around Missesinewa reservoir, until you find some private ground to hunt on. a nice area
  4. You're right Scarlet, Belars place is right in Peru there!

    Kidding aside, that is Miami county and home to some nice typicals.
  5. I hunt miami county every year and have seen nice bucks every year Im out there. Overall its a pretty good county to hunt in nice size does to go along with the bucks. I seen a real nice buck taken from mississinewa with a smokepole.
  6. Miami County Hunting

    miami co. full of good hunting! small game,turkey,deer and coyotes. I've had no problem getting permission to hunt and trap private property, do yourself and the landowner a favor, copy the private land permission form from the hunting guide. I keep plenty of blank forms in the truck incase i run across a possable location and im sure it helps;)
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