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First Turkey Hunt

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by cjones46, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Listen up as I attempt to channel my inner Weimer and recap today's festivities...

    Just before six AM this morning my father in law and I arrived at our destination and began loading up for the morning hunt. Since it was my first turkey hunt I decided to forget something vital to the days hunt. I have a nasty habit of forgetting things that I need on opening day. Opening day of bow season I forgot my quiver. Opening day of shotgun I forgot warm hunting socks. Today I forgot my hen decoys. My father in law did bring a pair of hens so all wasn't lost. We walked for about 15 minutes before arriving at the first spot we wanted to check out. After standing for not more than one bathroom break we heard a strong gobble just about 80-100 yards at our 11 o'clock, just as we'd hoped. As I unpacked, my father in law setup our dekes and just as we settled in the woods erupted. 3 different gobblers all started gobbling their heads off for nearly an hour before they flew down just to our 9 o'clock. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that we heard over 100 gobbles this morning. A few well timed clucks from the raspy ol' hen my father in law was using got the gobblers all worked up. Finally I saw a pair of jelly heads through the brush at about 70 yards and moving towards us. They disappeared for just a moment behind some trees. Finally a pair of tom's appeared in a clearing to our left and began marching towards us, one in the lead and one following. I saw the subordinate Tom go into strut for a few steps, then he pulled down the fan and the boss gobbler went into strut and came barreling towards us. From my sight line it didn't look as though my father in law had a shot yet so it nearly knocked me over when his shotgun thundered. Instantly the ol' boss was flopping all over the ground. It took everything I had not to get up and sprint over to the old bird.
    It was a beautiful morning all around. The rain held off for awhile, the woods were full of gobbling all morning long and I got to see a stud of a bird strutting for everything he was worth. The plan worked just as my father in law had drawn it up.
    Since I have the newborn at home I probably won't be out again until Saturday morning but you better believe I'm hooked on the gobblers for life. It was a wonderful feeling to be out in the woods again at day break. I can't wait to get back out and chase my bird.

    Final score
    21 mm spurs
    27 pounds total
    10.25 inch beard
  2. MAN that is a thick beard!

    Sweet story are living the high life my friend. New son, hunting, does life get any better? Well, maybe a bit when it's your turn to pull the trigger!

  3. thats what i told my wife when i got home...

    i'm living the life right now
  4. Awesome Jonesy!

    You guys are killing me! I want to get out for a morning hunt so bad!!!!!
  5. that's the way we bring it!:woohoo1: :SHOCKED:
  6. Sounds like a great day in the great outdoors Jones. Man cant wait intill I can hit the woods to chase those birds. Had a sick kid the last 3 days so no hunting intill he go back to school. should be this weekend I'll get my chance. Well not tring to hijack your thread jones so congradulations on a great day in them woods.
  7. Fantastic Jonsey! Sounds like you all have a good hot spot for the gobblers! Good luck to you on yours! tell your F-I-L Congrats from "The Fuzz"

  8. Good stuff there, now go get yours!

  9. Cool hunt, Jones.
  10. Ed I'd be alot more dangerous if I had one of them Ghost maker slate calls -hint hint- haha
  11. Must have been a blast, nice story too
  12. good gracious jonsey that's a big beautiful bird. if that's one beard that's the thickest beard i've ever seen. congradulations on an awesome bird.
  13. you should have seen my father in law come outta his seat when he rolled that bad boy. I had a prime seat for one heck of a show. Great morning and that bird had a thick beard for sure.
  14. Nice...tell him congrats if you havent already for me...