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Fish and wildlife rules public meeting

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by ice dude, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Fish and wildlife rules public meeting

    The Department of Natural Resources will hold a public hearing on proposed
    changes to Indiana's fish and wildlife administrative rules on Tuesday, Nov.
    29 at Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Area near Edinburgh.

    The DNR is proposing rule changes to help protect wildlife and ease fish and
    wildlife rule enforcement. Legal and social concerns will also be discussed.

    Proposed rule changes involve farmland hunting license exemptions used by
    corporations and companies; deer tagging requirements; legal muzzleloaders
    for deer hunting; coyote trapping season starting time; removal of the
    bobcat, badger and river otter from the state's endangered species list;
    Harvest Information Program registration for migratory bird hunters; mute
    swans; groundhogs; tagging requirements for wild turkeys; special purpose
    turtle possession permits for eastern box turtles; taxidermy licenses; fur
    buyer licenses and wild animal possession permits for bobcats.

    A summary of the rule changes that were preliminarily adopted by the Natural
    Resources Commission, along with the proposed rule language, are available

    The public hearing on Nov. 29 starts at 5 p.m. at Atterbury Fish and
    Wildlife Area, 7970 South Rowe Street, Edinburgh, Ind. (Johnson County)

    Written comments can be sent to:
    Hearing Officer
    Natural Resources Commission
    402 W. Washington Street, W272
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Or send comments to:

    Written comments must be received by Dec. 2.

    The NRC will likely consider the rules for final adoption at their meeting
    in January. A copy of the public hearing report will be available prior to
    final consideration by the Natural Resources Commission in January at:

    After approval by the attorney general and governor, final rule changes
    would be effective in late spring 2006.

    Individuals who need reasonable modifications for effective participation in
    public meetings should call the DNR ADA Coordinator at (317) 232-4080 (voice
    and TDD).

    Media contact,
    Linnea Petercheff,
  2. If you have concerns don't be afraid to use the email addresses!