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Fish bit better as the front went through

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Been fishing on Appleman lake Friday night and Saturday found the fish stacked up in around 15 fow. But they didn't bite much. 22 Friday evening, 19 Sat. Morning and 24 Saturday evening. This morning I didn't start until 9:30 and fished until about 12:30 and caught 27 nice gills and 13 big crappies.
Look at what the barometric pressure was doing while I fished
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I have never had anything like that happen to me when panfishing. Is that the norm for your area ?
Other things being equal I think it affects the fish all the time everywhere. I don't always pay attention to the weather and barometer, usually I go fishing when I have time. But I had been noticing the fish stacked up on the vexlar and not biting. So I made a point to go out and fish Sunday on a falling barometer and it did work out as I think it usually will. For all the fishermen out there I will make a "sacrifice" and continue my research;)
The barometric pressure study continues- fished on Appleman Lake tonight from about 3:45 until 6:00 pm - Caught 13 bluegills and 2 crappies as the barometric pressure was rising in the same spot with fish present on the vexilar Not nearly as good as Sunday- What do you all think :coco:

Anyone out there ever looked at the effect of the moon. Both times I fished the moon hadn't risen.
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Sacrifice on poor brother, martyrdom is not far off.
the Search for Truth continues:

Started fishing at about 4:30 pm, I got home and looked up what had been happening to the barometer and I could have guessed. The fish didn't bite too well about a dozen bluegills and about 3 nice crappies. Many came up looked at the bait and turned right back around and went back to the bottom. Did get enough for a fish dinner:)

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