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Fish Bitin' good anywhere?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. I haven't been able to find any hungry fish all week - Saturday morning I finally managed to catch a dozen nice bluegills - but I had to work at it!
    Could this be the reason?
    We have been under this polar high pressure dome - I have thought I am a better than average ice fisherman- Maybe I'm slipping:rolleyes:
  2. They were bitin' pretty good at Tree's hole yesterday..........sure weren't at mine though.

  3. i have done well the last three days in a row :fish: . done so well I went and bought new custom Gaffie rod, now i have 3 :coco: ice fisher man .even took the reels off my st Croix ice combos and put the reels on my Gaffie rods .any one want to buy some st Croix premium ice rods ( no reels ) just rods i have a ml and a m .
  4. I haven't caught a thing yet. Might give it another try this afternoon.
  5. I'm mostly a pan-fisherman through the ice. I haven't found a steady bite anywhere really.I've had to move all the time to catch just a few each trip it seems. The last hour to half hour they seem to turn on a little more, but you still have to run & gun to catch some. I hope the bite does get hot soon! Staying on the move and 10+ inches of ice can be a workout! Anybody have a power auger?
  6. It has been spotty at best, but the last hour of light has been good. Caught a few small gills this morning. Try to get to some bigger ones this afternoon. 7-8" of ice down this way in spots.
  7. Been doing pretty good down here. Where are you at goggle? Some guys have been doing pretty good in this neck of the woods. Shoot me a PM if you want. Jeff
  8. caught 68 on steinbarger lk this morning, had to do some sorting thou good steady bite ,fast as you could get it down to 28 ft. about 3 to 4 ft. off bottom thank god for vexilars
  9. I got a place to park on Steinbarger! May have to look into it :)
  10. I caught 4 at Appleman yesterday, but I didn't get out on the ice until about 9 AM. I caught 3 of the fish before 9:30, so I probably would have done better if I'd have gotten out earlier. 3 other guys I talked to had a combined total of 3 fish between them.

    I am heading up to Fox Lake this evening. Hopefully I'll have better luck! :bouncy:
  11. I found the fish on Appleman! around the north side of the bar where we fished before- There were fish in every hole but they had a severe case of lockjaw.
  12. I was jigging in ~15' of water in that same general area, and I was the only person fishing it. Everyone else was out over the deepest parts of the lake or way in the back.

    So when are we going to go on another Clear Lake adventure? :biggrin:
  13. Piggyn... goggleyes... were either of you on Appleman this morning?? pm me if ya was ...
  14. 5 keeper gills thru the ice this afternoon. Maybe a new spot with the front moving in tomorrow afternoon, hope to catch enough to make a mess.
  15. Went to Crane today. We caught 28 between the two of us. Some real nice redears there. Hope to go back soon.