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Fisherman need help

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by 410, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Ok gang I thought this would be a good time to help out one of the guys on the site. He just got himself a new boat and is learning to back it in the water. What he needs help with is catching :fish: FISH. Quail is a super guy and love to fish and after work he goes fishing all over and yes NOTHING. So as friends let all pitch in and give him a hand so he to can catch some :fish: FISH :fish2: FISH. This is for you Quail. :coco: :coco: :coco: :help:
  2. I say we break him slow, lets all cheap in and give him a dozen worms,bobbers,bluegill hooks and a snoopypole. After he masters that we will him move on to larger prey like crappie.

  3. Snoopypole???!!!

    Ok you guys, you water guru's, you walleye zen masters, you havic reepers of the deep....
    I DON'T NEED SYMPATHY!! ( but it is appriciated)
    As God as my witness, I'll have the boat leagle and launched tomorrow with digital camera at the ready!!! I can and have caught fish, massive fish, many fish...just been a slow start to the year, as I assume most land locked, marginal water accessible fisherman like myself would agree. That all changes...I'm ready to dual, I'm ready to go Mano el MONO with anyone man enough to go up against the "cursed Quail".

    Bring it on you guys, I'm ready, I'm able (did I remember to put in the drain plug?) I'm willing....let's go..........FISH ON!!!!!
  4. Stick to Quail...Quail???

    Hey Birdman, What pound test line are you using for walleyes in the rivers???
  5. Fish Loser!!!!!

    Mr. Lyons, Birdbreath needs some serious help (that kind too) with his spilling!!!!!;)

    Mano el Mono...What is that? Some kind of sickness that a half bird half man gets from kissing woodland creatures????:confused:
  6. Depends on the reel i'm using, 8 to 12 test is what I've been using.
    So far I've tried the Tippecanoe out side Warsaw 4-5 times, the St. Joe near the dam in Ft.Wayne twice and the Maumee in Ft. Wayne near the Anthony St dam once....0 fish to date. I haven't been back the the St. Joe now for better than a week.
  7. I believe that was a pun on fishing line there dean.
  8. New boat is in the driveway!!!!!

    Today was the day! I had what I thought I needed paperwork wise ( I was wrong) to hit the BMV first thing Saturday morning...they turned me away with more papers to get signed from the guy I bought the rig from.
    We drove out finally picked up the boat, new papers signed, went back to the BMV for the 2nd time...finished up there as they were closing for the day.
    Got home started working on the boat a little, adding a few things of my own, switching around some other odd things, cleaning it up a bit...wife ZONKED OUT.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get the boat wet!
  9. Not to sound like a pessimist or a know-it-all, but in my experience in dealing with the BMV, I would have been willing to bet a great deal of money that you "wouldn't have everything you needed." I have never had "everything I needed." :rant:
  10. Well are we having fun yet. A trip to the BMV, back to the boat owner, back to the BMV around $40 to $70, you were warned to take dounuts and coffee, and then back to the boat owner. WOW you got the boat, got the boat home and clean and repair and then off tO Wal-Mart for batteries $150.00 later your back home installing batteries and now gas, back to the gas station, Boat $20.00, truck $40.00 and then back home. Now your ready to hit the water ( I mean take it the water. WOWARE WE HAVING FUN YET.
  11. new boat - $7000.00
    trip to the BMV - $200.00
    new rod and reel - $100.00
    seeing Quail back in his boat - PRICELESS
  12. 410 I think you must have been following me around all day, that's hitting the nail on the head.
  13. Launched Today!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok all you boat experts...just to let you know, I launched the boat today!
    I will admit there was a little back and forth on the first trip down the ramp, but we got it done.
    Boat functioned very well, it didn't take long to get a feel for the outboard, the boat really has a lot of get up and GO!! The trolling motor did give me fits for a spell, finally got it figured out and had modest control the rest of the time out.

    Landed one small 13" bass, it took a spinnerbait off a weed line.

    Loading the boat went pretty slick, not much trouble at all. No one died, no gear lost, no life forms harmed in any way....pretty good day.:coolgleam
  14. Congrats Quail we knew you could do it!!! I always have an uneasy feeling any time I go into the BMV...when I get to the counter to be waited on I break out in a sweat when they start shuffling through my paperwork. I, and probably many others on here, have had a very similar experience at the BMV that you had yesterday. The BMV is a frustrating experience to be sure.
  15. That a boy Quail, now I am really to go fishing with you.