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Fishing / Boating Etiquette

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Keep Your Distance

    If you are piloting a boat, give plenty of space to other boats out there, especially if people onboard are fishing

    read that and started laughing uncontrollably... anyone who has fished various lakes in Kosciusko County Like the barbee chain, webster or Tippy have been almost run down at some point by some fool who has no clue about boating etiquette.... Chased one guy down last summer.... I was trolling across Lilttle barbee at night, just after sunset, when this joker comes barreling along at about 50mph missed us by about a foot, sawmped the boat pretty good so that bilge got ran a bit.... could not remember his reg #'s to report him I was so ticked off, so when I called co's and sheriff to report only had description of the boat... pencil and paper in ziploc now on board after that.. Nothing like overcrowded lakes in the summer

    almost forgot... you guys did notice the 50mph thing after sunset right?? last time I checked my copy of the regs, Indiana is 10mph at night, plus the fact Lilttle Barbee is 10mph during the day... Never hesitate to call both the Co' office and the sheriffs office, especially on the weekend as the Co's office is not manned.. Leave them a voice mail so its recorded on their machine, but also call the sheriff who can dispatch his own guys if needed and get a call into the co's also.

  2. Kevin,
    I've had them too on Chapman we were set up for a little night fishing when a jest ski came with-in a couple of feet of us, we pulled anchor followed them to the house where they docked and called the C.O. Got to keep those cell phones handy these days!

    Last summer we were nearly struck on Pike Lake (10mph speed limit) by a guy skiing behind a pontoon... granted, I don't ski, but it wuld take more that 10mph to get me on plane!

  3. Always keep a rod rigged with a one-ounce spinnerbait or a Zara Spook! Seriously, why are people so discourteous? I'm sure you guys have the same problems I do. PWC's are bad, but it seems like a lot of boaters in pontoons are selectively blind to fishermen. It's hard to keep your cool when somebody cuts you off while cruising by at 25 feet.
  4. I was skiing on the West Lakes (near Rome City) a couple years ago. I wiped out and was waiting for the boat to come back around. All of a sudden everyone on the boat started waving and yelling. I turned around and another boat was fast approaching, and they didn't see me in the water. Not surprisingly they had all been drinking. Fortunately a jet skier saw me and quickly pulled between me and the oncoming boat, which forced them to go around. Kind of scary!
  5. There is a terrible lack of etiquette on the lakes..... I've pretty much had to turn on the bilge pump because a ski boat's wake almost drowned us. They thought it was funny, until we quit fishing and started cussing. No respect. Don't get me wrong... I love to ski.