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Fishing holes?

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rockinmichigan, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. I was wondering about where there are any good fishing holes in NE Indiana. I live in Lambertville, MI, a couple miles north of the OH-MI border near Toledo, OH, so its about an 60-90 minutes driving to the Indiana border, but I'm hoping to do some fishing in Indiana. If anybody knows of any good spots without giving away the exact spot where they fish would be cool and appreciated:tongue:
  2. rockinmichigan it's been along time .how's the fishing for pearch and catfish been going.:yikes:

  3. Rock- I live in far Northeast Indiana. I see a lot of Northwest Ohio cars and boat trailers in the parking for the DNR ramps. What do you want to fish for?:fish:
  4. Rock Info

    Rock, as goggleye asked, what are you looking for? You can just about find a lake for whatever you want to go for. In my case, I love to fish Clear Lake, tucked right into the NE corner of IN. It's a hard lake to fish with varying depths & structures that you have to get to know, but in just this lake you can go for anything from gills, crappie, & perch to northern pike, walleye, bass, and trout.
  5. You can find almost anything in the Lake James Chain. I've caught everything in there from 7 pound largemouths (actually, my dad caught it) to 14 pound pike, smallmouth, gar, even a shoftshell turtle on a jerkbait :yikes: .

    As stated earlier lots of Ohio cars in Stuben county. Prior to the Michigan Bass Opener, you'd think it was a county in Michigan too.
  6. turtle on a jerkbait?

    How do you catch turtle on a jerkbait?
  7. Softshells are real aggressive turtles. I have caught them on a shad raps twice now. When it happens I reccomend trying to cut the hook rather then ripping it out with pliers. Kosciusko County has lots of water to fish, though most lakes get pretty crowded on the weekends. However, the tri-county F&W area has a bunch of small lakes that can be accessed by canoe or small boats trolling motor only.